Toronto Moving Scams- Consumers BEWARE!

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Latest Update:

Right now there are a list of unscrupulous moving companies that are ripping off innocent seniors, students, and families.

They list their services on internet sites like Kijiji, Craigslist, and free classified ads. They service the Southern Ontario region.

Here is how they falsely advertise:

1. They list an ad offering moving services with a host of “free” upgrades. Examples of free upgrades are: boxes, shrink-wrap, wardrobes etc.

2. They list the price of moving with NO HIDDEN COSTS- 1 truck with one mover $29.99 per hour, 1 truck with 2 movers $49.00 per hour and so on.

3. They offer special discounts for mid-month moves, seniors and students.

4. The give a cell phone number as their company number.



This is how the scam works on the day of your move:

Movers come on the day of the move. They request a deposit to begin the move. Unusually $200.00. They load up all you belongings in the truck and then say they have to “calculate” the final fees.

The movers then invoice you for transportation fees, heavy item fees, stair fees, mileage fees, dispatch and inflated labour fees. The original quote you receive from them is now inflated by 200%. They will only accept CASH payment and/or certified checks or M.O.

They tell you to pay up or they will steal your stuff.



905-672-0952, 416-994-4694

Various Address used by these Fraudulent companies:
7546 Redstone Rd
Mississauga, Ontario L4T 2B8

20 Millwick Drive unit #5
Toronto, Ontario
M9L 2B5

Complete Movers:

C.M.S Moving and Storage:

L.M.S. Moving and Storage:

AAA Sterling Movers:
STR MOVERS INC. 416-871-4456

G.T.A. Moving and Storage:

This is also Logan Moving and Storage but they use a reputable company name as an alias.

L & G Movers also known as:
Logan Moving and Storage

: 1-866-482-8464
Toronto movers:416-994-4694
Mississauga movers: 905-672-0952


Add your comments to this post so others will not be ripped off.

If you have been ripped by this moving scam please email:



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218 Responses to “Toronto Moving Scams- Consumers BEWARE!”

  1. Lea Says:

    Everybody should be aware of these scam moving companies. Thanks for sharing this to us, I’ll warned my friends about these scammers.

    • Marion Dickie Says:

      This is my experience with RIGHTAWAYMOVERS
      RIGHT AWAY MOVERS ARE CROOKS! We hired right away movers to move us to the new house which is 15 minutes from where we lived at the time ( kitchener). We lived in a small 3 bedroom semi detached house. We had already moved alot of bigger outside items like snowblower, lawnmowers, large tool boxes and all the tools from the shed out back to the new house. We also had filled a 5 x 10 storage unit with all our Christmas and Halloween decorations as well as large bins of things we wouldn’t need right away. So alot of storage things typically found in homes. The rest of the belongings were perfectly packed and we even had already filled 3 cars with clothes and personal items.
      We hired the company to take the furniture and approximately 60 boxes out of the house. Also a patio set and bbq. Also to mention no appliances were being moved as well.
      I was quoted $139 an hour for 3 men and the truck. They would be here Oct 30 2106 at 930 am. At 830am I get a call saying only 2 men and that 1 didn’t show up and the truck is on the way. I am not happy but figure I can’t do anything so I will just be happy I have movers. This is the first time we hired movers because my husband and I physically just couldn’t handle a move.
      So at 950 am (late) the 2 men show up and the first thing they say to my husband is ” so we only have 2 guys can you help?” Then they ask for gas money to put into the truck before they do anything.
      Of coarse we are confused, your asking me to help when we hired you and now you want gas money…..seems unprofessional.
      Then they proceed to tell my husband that it will take at least 13 hours to move us…..they haven’t even left their truck. So how do they figure 13 hours when they haven’t even been inside!!!! Keep in mind all we already moved to storage and to the new house on our own!!! Now I call the company and talk to a man about the asking for gas money, wanting my husband and son to help and now 13 hours to move and they haven’t even left their truck! The man I am speaking with becomes angry and starts yelling at me that I need to give them gas money and that I pay or they leave!!!
      I can’t belive what I am hearing. This man is so rude, disrespectful and is now trying to extort us for a ridiculous amount of money. He is now saying we pay $2100 up front or they leave. He doesnt care, pay now or i take the truck away! His exact words.
      So his original quote of $139 an hour for 3 men is the same price an hour for 2 men and they want my husband and son to help! Are you kidding me!
      We have to be out of our house by 5 pm and we haven’t asked friends or family to help because we HIRED movers!!!
      The stress at this point is debilitating, we are tired and exhausted and this company knows we are in a bad situation so the owner feels he can manipulate, threaten and try to extort us out of money because we are standing out there with no other option. Once I am off the phone with the owner and now talking to my husband about what just happened the 2 guys in the truck say to us they need $2100 now. We try to talk to them about this and before we realize what’s going on the 2 movers leave. Leave us stranded!
      When will this stop! How do we hold right away movers accountable for despicable business practice. For taking advantage of people by using threats!

  2. Mark Robinson Says:

    To get rid off these scams it is advisable for everyone to research carefully and investigate your movers company profile and their testimonials. It would help you to dictate terms and proceed further.

  3. Sharon Says:

    I got ripped off by LMS movers. was really pissed but could not do much since my goods were hostaged. I payed triple of what was advertised. what can I do to report these people???

    • scambeware Says:

      There isnt much u can do..unless there u can get 100 complaints together and take them to court..which is a long process..u shud call them and book a fake move and make them waster their time..use a cell number..thats what i ve done and it feels great

  4. MJ Says:

    416-571-3459 SCAM MOVER BEWARE

  5. Jeff Says:

    I got hosed earlier this year by GTA Moving. I recommend just doing the move yourself. I moved last month….really easy. Rented a truck, rented the labour from and just paid an hourly fee. No additional costs. Its just too hard to find good movers these days. Make sure you know who you are dealing with people.

  6. susan scott Says:

    I got hosed earlier this year by . I recommend just doing the move yourself. I moved last month….really easy. Rented a truck, rented the labour from jibbsdlabors and just paid an hourly fee. No additional costs. Its just too hard to find good movers these days. Make sure you know who you are dealing with people.

  7. Ray Says:

    Oh my God, I wish I’ve read this before. They gave the name GTA Movers and email address, and exact the same type of ad and SAME STORY “on the day of the move”. First I was dealing with a guy named George (905-672-0952), and a Sam (416-871-4456 took over as George was supposedly on vacation and finally perhaps to test how their scam worked a Ron called to ask for comment. Mind you they all sound the same.
    It’s the biggest Daylight Highway Robbery when it comes to moving.Yes, they put all these fees and then miss-add all the figures and they put GST and PST with no regards whatsoever. They even asked for coffee and donut in the morning.

    I knew it was a SCAM after they loaded the truck and they gave me their “calculated final fees” but I had no choice. I had to play their game and even promised them a tip and a free lunch. Of course I broke my promise. I will forward this website to all agents in their company so the may advise their clients.

  8. Ray Says:

    Correction on previous comment. I meant, I will forward this website to all agents of my wife’s company (real estate brokerage) so they may advise their clients (potential victims).

  9. susan scott Says:


    Date: 2010-01-23, 4168345383

    BEWARE ROGUE MOVER 416-834-5383


    BEWARE ROGUE MOVER 416-834-5383 !!

    But rogue companies “aren’t afraid to drive away with everything you own unless you pay them whatever they decide they want to charge you for your move,”

    • sonia Says:

      This is not the right number… Nobody by the name of Rogue works here!!! Please check this information before posting!!!!!

  10. Jack Says:


    Toronto Movers- Gateway Movers Toronto
    They also go under Skyline Movers or Metro Pacific Movers
    500 Keele Street
    Toronto Canada M6H2B1
    Phone: (416 ) 723-6683 or 647 895 6004 or 647-833-5827 or 519-574-9173 or 866-762-0234
    Fax: (416) 555-5515

    • S.N. Says:

      Jack, Did you wind up using GATEWAY MOVERS? – What did it wind up costing per hour? I have a friend who has them booked in a few weeks…

    • Nicky Says:

      l used gateway movers last week and there were awesome , these guys were so professional and l payed only 3 hundred dollars to move my one bedroom apt. l do not mean to take anything away from you Jack , but to me these guys were the most honesty movers l have used so far , S,N l hope you will tell us your story , l was however charged a 10 percent service , but thus nothing compered to the horror stories l have had about movers . If anything l would recommend these movers , Most movers have their bad side but to me Gateway movers are better devils , l really liked their service , and they made me read the their contract before they touch my staff and guess we their did that to you before they move you Jack, Anywhere l believe Gateway Movers is one of the best movers in Toronto

      • druid Says:

        “they touched your staff”? you work for them, because your grammar and spelling is as bad as theyre ads that they post lol

    • soudeh Says:


      I advise anyone who is considering dealing with them to think twice before being scammed.

      Here is my story: I checked the price with them (actually 3 or 4 times) before ordering the service.
      Before they unload, they asked me for the money which was unreasonably high. They told me they won’t unload if I don’t pay, and if it take less time to unload, they will pay it back after they are done with unloading.So to waste less time, I payed them that money. When they unloaded the truck, I asked them to pay back as they have promised, but they refused. And that is not the whole story: I had the service for 4 hours, and they charged me for 5 hours. When calling them, they said that they have also charge me the time that the truck was moving from the company to my place (which was more than an hour). I reminded them that it is neither mentioned in the contract, nor did they say it when I checked the price with them. And they were threatening me for extra charges this time!!!!!!

      I’m considering asking a legal clinic to help me with this. This process will take both my time and money. I definitely don’t recommend that much trouble for a simple job like that to anyone. Stay away from them!

      Just go with another company. There are luckily still many honest, trustworthy people out there.

      • mono Says:

        soudeh and Jack l recently used Gateway movers and they were the best movers ever used . You are complaining about , travel time thus standard procedure . I find it ridiculous , you complain about this read the testimonies of other people . Avery mover charges travel time so get over it , These guys work hard and there are careful and l thin you agree with me on that one because non of you complain about damages .

      • Ron Jackson Says:

        l used Gateway movers today and and these guys were super awesome, They were upfront with their prices and the service was more than perfect , Thanks you guys , l thought l should write something positive about since you helped me at the last minute .

  11. Hayeon Says:

    I got screwed big time by the J&P moving who claimed subcontracted with citiline moving company. I’m sure they are the same company. They hostaged all of my property and invoiced almost $2,000 by mentioning they will reimburse the money if they finish earlier. I even called police and reported but police couldn’t do anything since we signed some paper we are not aware of in that moring. (we thought it was work order and they didn’t even give us a contract to read). Then they ran away and almost ran me over by truck even before finished their job. All my stuff were sitting around the loading dock and some of them are still in their truck. This is a total crime and scam. I’m taking them to the court. Police has their dirver’s licence number and info. What goes around comes around!

    • john & gina tysick Says:

      Hayeon,how did this turn out for you.We are going through thr same trouble to the tune of 38.000.00 we have lawyers and police involved,we are having a hard time getting results.The same company troys moving toronto doses this all the time 26 people in the last year.can you give us any pointers

  12. devi Says:

    SMS movers and storage inc, short notice ok, $40/hr 2men and the ( 416-871-4456)

    logan movers new name, punjabi mafia from delhi. ‘alex’ always has high voice, skilled at

    • nancy Says:

      Sms movers ripped me off today

      4169944694 don’t trust them. Big scam

      • suha Says:

        This fone number 416-994-4694 are most stupid guys, specially Mark, when I saw these stories and called him to cancel the service, he started abusing and then I had to give him some dose of shit.


      • suha Says:

        This fone number 4169944694 (CMS movers) are most stupid guys, specially Mark, when I saw these stories and called him to cancel the service, he started abusing and then I had to give him some dose of shit.


    • Gail Says:

      I am scrambling to get a moving company for this wknd. I have called everywhere getting quotes. Finally, talked to a really nice guy name Brian who gave me a great price. But with all the numbers and websites, I could not remember which one it was, so I ‘reverse looked up’ his number and Shane’s moving came up(Not the original name or website). I am so fed up, that I was going to call them and tell them to just come and do my move. Then I some how came accross this website, thank god….and the first number on the list was their’s!!
      416-994-4694 Seriosly, WOW! Close call!
      Thanks for the heads-up!

  13. randy Says:

    i moved with j&p movers last week worse movingcompany i have ever seen owner had no idia what he was talking about. i dont think even he know proper english i quoted me $120 for the whole job and ended up with $400 and again old moving company trick they will keep your stuf hostage. his worker name was jimy and he said this guy use to work for another bad company name cms movers he learnedevery thing fromhim so i think we should catch this cms guy who is been teaching these kulies allthis beware of jp movers beware of j&p movers

  14. aaron bulner Says:


    Jimmy is a bigger fat scum bag and fraud just like the owner whose name is Kumar Guatam. They are the most heartless assholes you will meet on this planet.

    Avoid Logan Movers, CMS, Complete moving and storage and god knows this is really a losing battle the stupid cops and goverment better wake up!

  15. WRIGHT Says:

    Toronto Moving Scams- Consumers BEWARE! « Toronto Mover’s Blog …27 Oct 2009 … I got ripped off by LMS movers. was really pissed but could not do much … BEWARE 416-834-5383…/toronto-moving-scams-consumers-beware/ – Cached – Similar

    *** SCAM ALERT -SUPREME MOVERS, LMS, DO NOT CALL 416-834-5383/647-893-8107

    Date: 2010-04-27, 2:27AM EDT
    Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]



    SUPREME MOVERS- called and was quoted $39/hr plus $39.00 travel time..
    Once the movers arrived was told I required a $300.00 cash deposit.. Note- this is not advised when booking the truck..
    Was advised this is a security deposit for insurance and after the move is complete they would deduct the cost from the deposit and return the remainder.. This never happened..

    Once the truck was loaded – they locked the truck and called into the office to get the final quote- which amounted to $622.00


    $39.00/hr PER MAN – total cost – $312.00

    #39.00 travelling -$39.00

    $30.00 kilometers -$30.00 (note I moved approx. 5 minutes away from my previous address)

    $100.00 Heavy Items charge -$100.00 – cube freezer and not sure what else – apparently anything over 50lbs)

    $80.00 Other -$80.00 – not sure what other is???

    $60.00 stairs charge – $60.00 (note I have 3 stairs leading into the garage)

    I calculate that at $561.00 – not quite sure how they got $622.00 … – However, they refused to release the contents of the truck until they had CASH in hand..

    These guys are a bunch of cheats.. Pleaae do not use this service..

    If you have been taken by this company.. I would love to hear from you.. I am looking into a law suit and it would help to be able to file a claim which shows that this is routine and they prey on consumers…

  16. Saroosh Says:

    They also go by the name SMS Movers and their phone numbers are 647-688-6683, 905-789-6170. I found them on Kijiji
    They quoted me a price on the phone and when they arrived, they had all these hidden costs. I even called their dispatcher who confirmed the price i was told before, but the movers kept saying their dispatcher is some other guy (who is from the same company). When I called the so called “dispatcher” he was just swearing.
    They are a complete nightmare

  17. Sabra Says:

    My friend has been robbed by these people and she is looking to get into a lawsuit so please if you can get in touch with me my email is thanks

  18. Jessica Says:

    EMPIRE MOVERS will take all of your money. They charged almost $1000 to move a one bedroom aparment. By the end of the move they added all kinds of additional charges. When I refused to pay, they would not unload my stuff. Finally a threat to call the police was the only way to get my stuff.

  19. John Smith Says:

    I wanted to say good things about this company at: / # 1 Moving Company in St.Catharines and all Niagara, Ontario / Great Service and in Business for 43 years (since 1967). I buy Local Moving Services and I can have Peace of Mind at Moving Time ! They LOVE Seniors ! That’s good enough for me !

  20. John Smith Says:

    If you choose a Kijiji or Craiglist Mover you deserve to be ripped-off people ! Look in the Yellow Pages. Pay the price and get Quality Movers ! You only get what you pay for !

  21. bunty Says:


  22. Monty Dua Says:

    The GTAA movers are a complete rip off.They screw you and charge almost double of what they quote.The mover manager GEORGE is a real sucker.I think with all these scams now recently a moving company was charged.We all should have a protest against the movers


  23. KUMAR Says:


  24. Sam Says:

    Here is another company called 5-stars and indo pack phone #’s are 647-406-4988 and 416-320-0916

    These phone #s have been given to Toronto Police as well yesterday!!

    There is an old women as well i was in contact with her when they ripped me off that women was not listed with the arrested people


  25. George Says:

    Nine arrested in moving-company scheme

    Range of hidden costs arise once movers have belongings hostage

  26. aaron bulner Says:

    George thanks for posting this! But unfortunately Logan Movers did not get caught nor any of their other stupid company names. I think people should now go to the police and just complain about Logan movers especially that bastard Kumar Guatam and his whore wife nancy

  27. Mike Says:

    Has anyone had any experience with a Moving company out of Brapmton On named Moving Titan Phone #’s 1-888-726-4470 or (416) 899-2146. They have adds on kijiji and craiglist right now and I have them booked for a upcoming move. Thanks

    • M Says:

      Hey Mike, I was going to book with Moving Titan as well but was not comfortable with them. They wanted a $100 deposit and just a gut feeling they were not good. You should try 310Move. They are a A++ rating on BBB and also have worked for Ikea, etc. and I got a very good price for my move and while it was a bit more than Moving Titan’s quote, it was still lower than other larger moving companies such as AMJ Campbell, etc.

      • P Says:

        we have used Moving Titan twice to move myself and my boyfriend’s stuff from Oakville to St.Catherines.The second time we were not even at the storage they loaded our stuff and all got here safe.They took $100 deposit which was deducted from the final bill.Very honest movers

  28. rehman Says:

    hi i have booked easy affordable moving thier website is , the guy names is calvin9 JAMICAN) phone is 647 988 4042 and 416 568 4294 .has any one used them before please help


    • aaron bulner Says:

      Google them up for you but so far none but their website especially the comment section is lame with no reference to the person comenting on it.

      You can try your luck just make they dont ask for a huge deposit of 400 and if they ask you sign a contract make sure you READ

    • T Says:

      Dont ever deal with this company, they promised my gf they would be at her place to move her on the first of the month, made her wait forever, and called at 9pm saying they would be there 8 am the next day. The next day came, they didnt show again, and when she called the guy answered and said his partner got in an accident and was in the er.

      I called from another number, and lo and behold his partner did answer. They will lie to you, best look elsewhere!

    • joe Says:

      These guys are scammers.They used to be called Max Moving.I used them back then & they had a lot of hidden charges including1)stairs at $30 a flight 2) Travel time which was the hourly rate($40)
      3)truck fee ($40)
      4)minimum 4 hour charge
      5) sofa bed & appliances were an extra charge.
      above all they charged me 13% tax before HST came into effect and they demanded payment before unloading.
      All the above was not mentioned on the phone EXCEPT hourly rate but was hidden in a “contract” I was made to sign when they showed up like 2 hours late.
      Also they refused to put my bed together and were not polite at all

      I tried to contact their office to talk to Chris I believe thats the dude I spoke to when I did my booking.My call was only answered the next day and was told that all was in the contract.Thats when I realised that I had been scammed and that they didnt even have an office.The contact number 647 988 4042 was a mobile one.

      1) -when you book a mover ask them at least to email or fax you a contract before the moving day.If you sign on the moving day you might be distracted by the pressure to move and overlook the fine print. GET A COPY OF SIGNED CONTRACT & INVOICE.
      3)visit their office to make sure you have somewhere to go if something goes wrong on the moving day-NO OFFICE YOU ARE TAKING A RISK.
      4)deal with a mover who takes visa,mastercard or debit so that you have a record.
      5)Dont trust comments on websites(fake) unless they have contact numbers or you can visit them if they are close to you.
      6)If they refuse to overload your stuff insisting payment-it now its a crime just call 911 & they will be arrested.

      *these guys seem to have managed to erase all the negative reviews about them which were online back then which I only searched after using them.However,the mobile number is still the same

    • Anna Says:

      Did you have any problems with Easy Affordable Moving?

  29. naj Says:

    thanks .lets see if someone else have an experience with them

  30. Isabelle Says:

    We hired JP Moving for our move last Thursday. We found thyeir contact info on the Burlington Post. Our move was a total nightmare. They showed up 45 minutes late. One of the guy, Jay or something, looked around and started talking about extra charges. We had stairs, it was mentioned before on the phone, we were nto moving appliances, I had packed everything, taped boxes and brought everything along the wall right beside the stairs so they don’t loose time. The guy first said ” we have to move these boxes”… I thought it was odd. Then he said we would need to pay extras for every item over 50 pounds. Anyways, the quote was for 420$ or so, so ther “Jay” guy looked at us and said he could do a flat rate of 900$! The n he said 2 guys were not enough so he would need to call his buddies to help and each guy would be an extra 25$/ hour. We refused. Then he gave us this piece of paper and asked us to sign it, which we refused to do. We needed to get out of the house that day so I was stuck. I told the “Jay guy” to carry only heavy stuff and I woudl take care of the rest because I was gettong totally annoyed. He said “Great, just put post it on whatever you want me to carry”! We then called his boss, a Jesse or sometyhing, so the guy said not to worry, they would stick to the quote and he would call his 2 guys so they start loading the truck right away. My husband had to go for an hour so I stay home with them. The Jay guy had decide to park the truck right down the balcony and asked the other guy to stay in the truck, he would through the boxes down to him because he did nto want to walk up and down the stairs. The other guy got pissed at him so they switch and the “Jay guy” went in the truck. He asked me to carry stuff too so because time was an issue, I probably carried 30% of the boxes myslef. The dude was looking at his phone, brooming the truck, while his colleague and I were carrying stuff. I called back the Jesse guy. He puts me on a conference call with Jay that was in the truck. Jesse told Jay that “the costumer is complaining” and the Jay guy not knowing I was on the line said “why would I go upstairs”…. Well, our stuff was upstairs… Anyways, he had started working at 10h15, at 11h he took his first break. Around 1pm, I went to the new house (5km away) and waited for them there. They showed up, and it was time for their lunch. They wanted to drop everything in the garage instead of bringing it to the house. I have to mention that all the way, the guys fought, argue and yelled which was an other stress on our moving they. Jay treated his colleage with absolutely no respect and made him carry all the stuff. The stuff in the truck was not pilled up, it was a total mess, a book case on top of a leather sofa, a chair upside down, etc….They actually broke few things. They dropped the table in the driveway saying it would not fit in the door…. Jay asked me to take it appart. They did the same with our leather sofa, btu I said it would definitly fit so they pushed it, forced it throught the door. The handel got stuck in the leather. All the stuff they brought inside was left there on a total mess. My husband and I had to carry the boxes out of the truck once again. They ended up taking 9 hours for a very easy move. We did nto want to pay for 60$/ hour for 2 guys as one of them was not really working. My husband had to tell them to stop arguing few times, he also had to tell Jay not to stay in the truck but to carry stuff in the house. We called back the company and agree to pay 600$ because at this time, we were so tired and drained by that day we just did. Next morning when I got up I looked at that mess and started finding broken things. We called this “Jesse” back that started saying we did not packed well, our boxes were this and that, we shoudl have hire them to pack and everything would be perfect….etc, etc… We are not going to let this story go away. I don’t want them to screw up more people, my husband and I can handle things like that but what if it was a senior, a single parent, etc.

    • Bullner Aron Says:

      The best thing you did was not sign the contract. The movers are crooks and I mean some had served jail sentance before. Next time always google for good moving companies.

  31. MK Says:

    This is amazing. I wish I had gone thru this site before even talking with these guys. They had this ad in the yellow pages in the name of “Logan moving”.When I called them, someone called “Alex” picked up and said it was “SMS movers” and actually sent someone to my apartment to give a quote I was very happy with. I had to move into a storage before moving to my new address. Fortunately for me, I asked him to put everything in writing and send me a Email confirming the rates were all inclusive. He actually sent that mail too in the name of someone called “Ron Taylor”. I again asked for clarifications and he sent me a one liner that he was ok with the conditions. On the moving day, when I had to vacate the house, I kept waiting and finally gave a call at 9:30 AM. They were to come in at 9. I kept calling, he would pick up and then disconnect. I tried with 3 to 4 different nos. and he would immediately disconnect after hearing my voice. I was left in a lurch and had to beg someone I had spoken to earlier, pay double the cost and move into a public storage (which I had to pay for again). My God! now that I’ve read all these posts, I am thanking my stars that they didn’t show up. I wd probably hv got ripped off by these people. I wish someone could publicise all these stories thru the mainline Newspapers to help avert rip-offs from these con artists in the garb of a moving company.

    • Bullner Aron Says:

      Yes you are very lucky these bastards did not show up the guy Alex is actually Kumar Guatam, they all use stage name to hide their real identities it is run mostly by Indian Sikhs.

      The reason probably they ditched you because you asked everything to be in writing.

      Consider yourself very lucky and warn anyone you know about them.

  32. Liana Says:

    got scammed by Logan movers, not sure what I can do. More than half my stuff is missing lots of damages. what would be my next step?

  33. Maragret Says:

    Really sorry to hear the awful experiences everyone has had to endure, and continuing to do so, since not resolved. I have filed a small claim case against Taylor’s Moving & Storage, Burlington, ON for loss of items. Apparently the trend for moving companies is to deny everything, lack of responsibility on their part for any loss, damage, etc., is rampant! If anyone has had similar experience with this company, I would be most interested to hear about it, as I’m sure all readers, so as NOT to use them in the future. To be honest, there isn’t too many co., recommended for storage, which is pretty sad. But at least if people ‘stop’ using the scam artists, the companies that refuse ownership or responsibility towards loss of possessions, other than to say “prove it!” then maybe, these people wouldn’t be in business. If there are decent movers/storage places, at least give them the business or the chance to prove their worth.

  34. don Says:

    Theses guys are really rip off assholes they go by many names here are just a few sms movers big boys movers shanes movers great toronto movers some numbers they use 416-871-4456 or 866-482-8464 or 647-996-4694 or 416-994-4694 or lol 866-482-8464 tell me a company that has a good reputation that would have this many phone numbers theses guys need to be put out of bussness and in jail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Derek Pearse Says:

    I originally called “Skyline Movers” because I saw an ad on…well I called them and booked them for my move. A guy named Simba answered the phone and was very rude, but because I was hysterical in finding someone cheap and fast, I booked them. 2 Days before I moved I decided to check these guys out and came across this blog, and good thing! I immediately checked Homestars and found someone called “Viktoria Home Care” who did my move! I totally recommend them! No hidden fees, $80 per hour, NICE guys, no damage, showed up on time! Go with these guys, you won’t regret it, DON’T FALL FOR THESE RIP-OFF ARTISTS!

    • Norman Says:

      its fun how Vrkioria Movers is using this blog to spread lies about other movers that are way cheaper than them , l used Skyline movers after friends recommend them and they were the best Movers ever . Derek Pearse Do not make false claims against good and honesty small moving companies so that you can charge people $80 /hr . Reading in between the lines you are the owner of Vikotria Movers .I think its not fair to trash other movers as way to promote your business . Skyline Movers is way cheaper than you company and these guys are hardworking new Canadians that are doing a good job to help the middle class families to move at low rates . Not all of us can afford the 80/hr you charge . For a big company like your to beef with Skyline movers this shows that they are taking a lot of businesses, even if you write bad reviews about them word of month will help them grow bigger .

  36. Cate Says:

    Agreed. These movers are awful. They run their business from cellphones that they NEVER answer. Well they answer until they know that you know they are crooks. My move was quoted at $300 and they demanded $500 in cash. Too bad for them they had already unloaded my stuff and I told them where to stick it without fear. I simply theatened to call the police and off they ran like the cockroaches they are.

  37. Cate Says:

    Sorry – above comment is directed at Gateway Movers. Scam. Scam. Scam.

  38. John Macintire Says:

    i too had a very good moving experience with moving titan. They did ask for the $100.00 over paypal. Paypal does have a 100% refund on deposits so i figured, what the heck – i’ll give them a chance.

    Moving Titan was very good and the $100.00 bucks was deducted from the bill for the deposit. NOTHING WAS BROKEN DURING THE MOVE!! THANK GO!

  39. Mamsen Says:

    Beware of LMS moving, they give you low quote and tell you no hidden charges but when they come to move your stuff they jacked up price three times. Also their service is very poor and they dont handle items with care. Moreover, they miss your items!!!!!

  40. BAWWAG Says:


  41. SKYLINE Movers Says:

    BAWWAG l am the owner of skyline like movers no of our movers are Black and there all do not smoke , l do not know which skyline movers you used if you have any honest complain call and we be help to assist you rather than to post racial comments that are not true on the public domain ,

    • SKYLINE Movers Says:

      BAWWAG l am the owner of skyline like movers no of our movers are Black and there all do not smoke , l do not know which skyline movers you used if you have any honest complain call and we be help to assist you rather than to post racial comments that are not true on the public domain

  42. Anne-Marie Says:

    Gta movers also operate as honest movers and couldnt be further from the truth.. They held our stuff hostage until we gave them 1000 cash.. They wanted 1200 they had qouted 400 to 500 for the move.. Then after they ripped us off sent me an email with a different quote than they had given us.. The person in charge is Carl.. Beware!

  43. zaid Says:

    These rip off companies are encouraged to do so by cheap people. When you see a mover price of $40/hr for 2 movers and a truck all included use your common sense. How is it possible? I pay my good movers $20/hr each + truck expanses, gas, insurance, my time communicating with customer, dollies, shrink wrap and tools + I have to make some profit so I charge $70/hr for 2 movers and a 20ft will equipped truck.
    Before you book a mover google them.
    Good place for movers reviews:
    Happy moving every one,
    Zaid Moving

  44. insiya Says:

    Do not use these people they are a scam . they go by 2 names SMS moving INC and 786 movers Inc. They harrassed us, jacked up the rate with the stuff hostage. took hours to show up. they claim to have insurance please ask for a copy, also request a written rate quote. there number is below – 416 871 4456

  45. D Naj Says:

    I hire them 1 month prior to move. he send me an email confirmation, I even called him a day before move and re-confirm everything with him again….they were supposed to be here ahet 9:00 am , called him at 10 and he said he had no idea who I was??!?!?! after confronting him with his own email, he yelled at me and said do not waste my time!!! called me back in 5 mintues and said he will send a truck if there is any available. a truck showed up 2 hours later … he send a small truck ( suitable for a flat studio) for our 3 bedroom house. he said they will go back and forth 2-3 times!!!!!!!!! bottom line is they are the worst it can get.. DO NOT BOOK WITH THEM…. I called another mover and they will be here shortly.. once the move is done I will tack them to the court! FOR SURE!

  46. pablo Says:

    movers with names like toronto mover or toronto moving companies what is that. look out for companies with address that dont make sense like 1 dundas st west or 21 bloor st west what is that. chose companies with real names and whose been around for some mover savve

  47. Shanil Says:

    $40/HR movers DO NOT EXIST. Please do your research before you book.That is why i used Moving Titan.High rate but the service was worth it ..with no hidden fees and headaches. You get what you pay for.

  48. Boca Raton Movers Says:

    Moving itself is a great hassle and when it is accompanied with a scam becomes even more than a nightmare. My friend experienced the same with a not so popular moving company. Thanks for sharing this information.

  49. T. O Says:

    Add ASR Movers / ASR Moving Services 647-405-2007 or 416-871-6100 to the list of scammers.

    • mark Says:

      Stop posting fake comments

    • RAJ Says:

      I have received BEST SERVICE from ASR MOVERS and had wonderful moving Experience.
      I read this review about ASR MOVER when i was searching about them . I was scared and then i call Nick to cancel the Move but was very clam and said that this review is fake. i trusted him and also made a promise that if they will provide a good service i will reply to this post. We moved from Toronto to Edmonton and used Asr Movers they will well prepared and also made the delivery on promised date. i want to thanks Nick and his team.

  50. bibi Says:

    Do not use MEGA MOVING.
    -They will “forget” to tag large items such as bed + box!!! (Which means they will not deliver it!)
    -They will break your items tagged as FRAGILE, such as my 42 ” plasma full-HD tv…AND,
    -they will mysteriously disappear and be IMPOSSIBLE TO REACH once the move is done!
    -They also charged us 600 MORE than the original quoted price!
    Gina is the name of the manager.
    Dont get ripped off like I did!!!

  51. jayesh Says:

    Noble Moving services – A Fraud Moving Operation in Canada.

    They will give very less estimate initially. Actual charge will be much more than estimate, for which we do not have any option other than to pay, because we are not present at the weighing
    Company sub contracts to small mover, they will expect some money from you at the time of moving. If you refuse to pay , they will misbehave, will not handle furniture & electronics properly. They will not allow to write about any damage caused while moving. They will send you much hire bill then you expected , you do not have any option other than to pay

    • Laina Says:

      Ah yes, Noble Moving did the same with me. A long haul move from BC to Ontario cost about 1200 more than I was quoted. The movers were reckless with my belongings. Upon delivery, they were stacking boxes (clearly marked fragile) precariously on top of one another. One box toppled to the floor with a distinct sound of breaking glass. The mover just looked at it and said “oh…it broke”, Then walked away to get more boxes. Not even an apology.
      I wouldn’t ever use their services again.

  52. Margaret Says:

    We used Skyline Movers today with a $180 quote for 3 hours. The move took a little less than 4 hours and the bill came to over $500. They stated the reason was that we had stairs. I discussed the stairs when I asked for the quote and there was no discussion at the time that the stairs would change let alone double the price.
    There has to be something we can do to stop this kind of scam!!! The only consolation is that I see we are not the only ones victimized by this type of scam.

  53. stormin norman Says:

    Listen to this one.

    We gave them $2,000.00 cash to move & store and bring everything to our new address to find mould on 99% of our furniture and over 16 boxes missing in a period of 30 day’s.
    I would like to see these RAT’S get a stiff jail sentence fot doing what they do best. CON PEOPLE.
    Do not call this co. they are the slim of slim

  54. stormin norman Says:

    Listen to this one.

    We gave them $2,000.00 cash to move & store and bring everything to our new address to find mould on 99% of our furniture and over 16 boxes missing in a period of 30 day’s.
    I would like to see these RAT’S get a stiff jail sentence for doing what they do best. CON PEOPLE.
    Do not call this co. they are the slim of slim

  55. stormin norman Says:

    Listen to this one. SMS Movers

    We gave them $2,000.00 cash to move & store and bring everything to our new address to find mould on 99% of our furniture and over 16 boxes missing in a period of 30 day’s.
    I would like to see these RAT’S get a stiff jail sentence for doing what they do best. CON PEOPLE.
    Do not call this co. they are the slim of slim

  56. toronto moving companies Says:

    one year before i was have to shift my home to Canada i was very confuse that which company i ll have to hire to moving and then i find a company that not only shift my home also they help me in setting. i was very happy. and also they charge not to much amount.

  57. George Says:

    Be aware…….BAZINGA MOVERS 647-400-4000 are scammers.
    One of the owners (so he claims) named ARIF has a brother who is a police officer with Toronto Police Service, whom he calls when the customer becomes aware of the scam and has him intervene in intimidating the client and tries to coerce the good officers on site dealing with the situation, to side with the movers.
    I experienced this first hand the other day. They blackmail you part way into the move while they have your contents in their truck and threaten you, use very foul language and appear very confident that they will succeed in extorting money from you over and above the amount negotiated.
    In my case, when I questioned the much escalated bill to which they added 13% HST on top of the HST included deal and by the way, there was no HST registration number on the bill. (i will follow up with revenue Canada), they proceeded to truck, pulled in the ramp on the back, secured the truck roll up door and attempted to leave the premises with my contents. Fortunately, due to parking availability, my vehicle happed to be parked in such a way that they were not able to escape with my contents.
    Due to their threatening and abusive behaviour, I elected not to move my vehicle as I feared their unpredictable behaviour and called 911.
    Officers from 33 Division arrived on scene and handled the matter in a proffesinal and expedicious manner. I did get all my contents moved as ordered to do so by the police.


    • Bazinga Movers Says:

      For all the readers, Let me explain exactly what happen and the reader can be the judge if We scammed this customer or not. First of all, This customer who wrote this negative comment was not at the pickup location, The customer who initially booked the move was at the pick up. As we arrived to the pick up location, the customer explained that they had furniture in the basement. We told her that we charge $30 for the flight since it involves more work for our movers, she agreed. Than we asked her if she wants to us to shrink wrap and blanket all her expensive items, she agreed once again. After she agreed, She signed our contact that clearly shows what services she is agreeing to (in this case, one flight of stairs ($30) and blanket and shrink wrap service ($50). The Pick up went smoothly and upon arriving at the drop off location. The customer who wrote this negative comment about us (George ) exploded at the scene since the bill was $80 over the bill of only $200. The total bill was $280 for 2 hours of service, gas, travel, and the $80 the initial customer agreed on. George said his friend never agreed to this service yet he was not at the pick up. The total bill was only $280 and he made us look bad and refused to pay and we did tell him that he has to pay for us to finish the move since we got the impression that he would not pay the bill of $280. He called the police on us for a bill of only $280

      If you (the reader) search online for scams with moving companies, who will see real scams but in this case. They got a move for only $280 and are calling us scammers.

      • AAron Says:

        Scum bag is written all over your face prick. Why dont you come defend the below post of Nirm where you ripped off $480 for the move.

      • nirms Says:

        go to hell you cockroach scamming devils. I have never forgotten what you did to me on my move and your stupid scare tactics. I have been praying that someone hurts you and your families in the same way as you did to me.
        647-400-4000 do not call it for your move

        Just call a legit moving company and pay. Its not worth what you’ll experience by using ‘movers’ from Kijiji or craigslist.

  58. Nirms Says:

    BAZINGA movers just did this to me. 647-400-4000
    They lied on the phone ABT a flat rate. Asked for $200 deposit upfront. I confirmed the flat rate before they started work and they confirmed it again. Loaded up got to my new place and said ( while in the truck) I now owe $480 ( orig quote $275 one bed move) couldnt get anywhere with them, boss was screaming yelling etc on the phone and wouldn’t let us talk. Threatened us etc. Finally we paid Nd they unloaded into the lobby and took off. I’ve bombed kijij abt them and they threatened me to watch out as they kno where I live. I went to the police but nothing they can do.

    It was so bad and I’m still upset. It just happened 3 days ago

  59. Adam Says:

    the reason why there is Scammers is because of stupid cheap people who think a truck with 2 movers for $40/hr is a good deal. any good moving company will charge you at least $80/hr for two movers and truck + gas. by the way all craigslist movers are the same company. SMS . they flag all other companies off craigslist and they advertise under different names and numbers

  60. D Says:

    ***DO NOT BOOK WITH LMS MOVING from Craigslist (416)818-3750***

    It is sad, that there are people out there that need to make money off others in need of help/service. If a blind person needed help to cross the street would these “helpers” rob them too?

    LMS MOVING&Storage was the choice we went with, they seemed reputable at the time of inquiring and setting up the date for our move. On the day of the move, with the given address in downtown Toronto, they were 20 mins late because they ended up in Mississauga!?!?! Once they arrived and after several attempts at parking, they demanded $200 deposit. Pissed and frustrated because of time wasted, I didnt want to waste time arguing before we started, so I paid. On the way to the 2nd location to pick up more stuff (which was only a 10-15 min drive away), they had to get gas in between first and second locations!!! It took them an hour!!! We had booked the service elevator and these idiots needed to get gas during our move time!! By the time they got to the 2nd location, I flagged them down on the street, told one of them to walk to the building while I rode in the truck with the driver to tell him WHERE to PARK EXACTLY…and to give him a piece of my mind!
    With only 50 mins to pack up a bachelor apts’ worth of furnishing, it was obvious these two “movers” DID NOT know how to move/pack/transport let alone PARK a vehicle.
    Before leaving to the final location, these two “smooth operators” tried to hassle us for more $$$, my girlfriend had HAD IT…she called them out on it and they could only mutter the “final total price”, which DID NOT correspond to the quoted rate. She called the main office and was rudely surprised by the abrasive manner of their “so-called Manager.” These swindlers had no respect for our belongings-items damaged in transport. They did not know how to actually “move” furniture, did not have the equipment we were promised and basically had no idea what they were doing except for quoting prices that made no sense!!!

    • Stormin Norman Says:

      SMS MOVERS should be investigated for their criminal behavior?
      We have never recovered photo’s and items we cherished over the years that ” disappeared ” from our move. Pls have these companies charged and made accountable for the way they conspire to take advantage of hard working people. POLICE LOOK AT THESE COMPANIES??????

  61. Mississaugamovers Says:

    I like this is so nice and is to good.

  62. floatycapitalism Says:

    I just booked these guys under the name “Metrocity Movers” for a move from Oshawa. They use the following three phone numbers: 416-871-4456 905-794-3867 416-818-3750. The name on the contract was “LMS Movers,” and when they answer the phone and come to the door, they just say “movers.” They quoted me $330 ($80 for 1 hour loading and unloading + $250 for travel to the city I moved to) + HST = $372.90. When the movers arrived, 2 hours late with a truck rented from Discount, they wanted a $400 deposit. I agreed to give them a $200 deposit and $200 after the truck was unloaded, but not after spending nearly an hour with their manager yelling at me on the phone saying “we’re giving you the deal of the century” and “you’re lucky they even showed up in the rain for such a small job.”

    I wrote down the plate number from their truck, but they refused to show me ID. I crossed out the lines in the contract about paying whatever they wanted before they unloaded the truck, wrote in the quoted rates instead of signing it blank, and took a picture of it before giving it back. Once they got moving, they got the truck loaded quickly enough and the movers seemed like nice enough kids, but their bosses on the phone were rude and shady. As we packed up the truck, I made a point to tell them what was in the boxes (books, with no resale value) and at the last minute decided I would keep my pet in his carrier overnight instead of sending him with them. THEN, when they were late with the delivery (5 minutes late — I made them google how long it would take and didn’t give them any extra time), I started googling their numbers and found this page. I phoned my housemate, who was just greeting the movers as they arrived, and advised him to call the police if they wouldn’t unpack the truck.

    My stuff got delivered because the $200 they were promised when the truck was unloaded was more than my stuff was worth. I think I dodged a bullet by being such a bitch on this end and deciding not to send my pet with them after all. I would NOT recommend booking with them — we will be keeping our doors locked at both houses after this.

  63. limejello Says:

    I just booked these guys under the name “Metrocity Movers” for a move from Oshawa. They use the following three phone numbers: 416-871-4456 905-794-3867 416-818-3750. The name on the contract was “LMS Movers,” and when they answer the phone and come to the door, they just say “movers.” They quoted me $330 ($80 for 1 hour loading and unloading + $250 for travel to the city I moved to) + HST = $372.90. When the movers arrived, 2 hours late with a truck rented from Discount, they wanted a $400 deposit. I agreed to give them a $200 deposit and $200 after the truck was unloaded, but not after spending nearly an hour with their manager yelling at me on the phone saying “we’re giving you the deal of the century” and “you’re lucky they even showed up in the rain for such a small job.”

    I wrote down the plate number from their truck, but they refused to show me ID. I crossed out the lines in the contract about paying whatever they wanted before they unloaded the truck, wrote in the quoted rates instead of signing it blank, and took a picture of it before giving it back. Once they got moving, they got the truck loaded quickly enough and the movers seemed like nice enough kids, but their bosses on the phone were rude and shady. As we packed up the truck, I made a point to tell them what was in the boxes (books, with no resale value) and at the last minute decided I would keep my pet in his carrier overnight instead of sending him with them. THEN, when they were late with the delivery (5 minutes late — I made them google how long it would take and didn’t give them any extra time), I started googling their numbers and found this page. I phoned my housemate, who was just greeting the movers as they arrived, and advised him to call the police if they wouldn’t unpack the truck.

    My stuff got delivered because the $200 they were promised when the truck was unloaded was more than my stuff was worth. I think I dodged a bullet by being such a bitch on this end and deciding not to send my pet with them after all. I would NOT recommend booking with them — we will be keeping our doors locked at both houses after this.

  64. Tormented in Norty York Says:

    If you hear the names, SMS Movers, LMS Movers, Mark, David, Wynne, Garry, Harry, or in fact anyone, or nos. such as 647-876-0751, 416-245-9071, 416-994-4694, just run away with your hard-earned money as far as you can. These are con artists par excellence.

    Their advertising / and initial phone consultations are just a facade for tricking you in. They will use delaying tactics to put you under pressure (as you may have service elevator bookings), pretend to make promises but they are merely to entangle you more and deeper. Their office (?) staff is foul-mouthed; and their movers are one inconsiderate, inhuman, unprofessional bunch of people.

    We ended up with paying 3 times more than the original quote, most of our stuff on the loading dock, which they left us to carry into the unit, some broken/chipped furniture, and a load of unpleasant after taste of the service.

    I want these people out of business, and I am determined to go after them. I wish I had stumbled upon this site before. I hope others can still save themselves.

  65. Lata Says:

    I hired Citilines Movers from a recommendation from J & P Movers who I called first and had the worst experience of my life. I am in the decorating business and hired them to move furniture to a client site. They held my inventory hostage and demanded that I pay for their extra charges which amounted to double the price I was quoted. When I refused they said that they would not release my inventory until I paid and then began swearing. They were rude and completely unprofessional. Really and truly scam artists. The number I called to book them was 647-291-8441 Harry was his name. Please someone take them down I am willing to help in any way that I can.

    • Patience Says:

      I was just screwed royally by this company which is working under the name Green City Moving…
      I luckily enrolled in tenants insurance starting the day of my move, but I have $1000 deductible and will need to sue for this and our pain and suffering (as my fiance and I are disabled and they abandoned our items in the apt lobby)…
      Did you go through with your civil suit? Do you know their REAL names?
      Any info you have will be amazing…

  66. movers web » toronto movers blogs Says:

    […] 4.Toronto Moving Scams- Consumers BEWARE! « Toronto Mover’s … Oct 27, 2009 … Toronto Mover’s Blog – Moving companies review in Toronto/GTA. Review of moving companies in Toronto-GTA-Mississasuga … […]

  67. Ronny Says:

    l used Skyline movers last week and these guys are awesome , l asked them about the reviews above and the told me , the that Asian guy that is writing a bunch of crap about them added a granite store counter on top of the staff he was moving , If l were them l would charge extra money too. Its fun how most people complain about extra charges and fail to mentions why there were charged extra fees . l have never come across any comment saying my staff was damaged , l would recommended skyline over any moving company in Toronto, these guys a awesome hardworking and honesty careful , If you add extra staff you will be charged more , and please stop post bad reviews about this moving company . Despite that these guys charge per hour so if you jobs take more hours you get charged more , l am defending Skyline movers , but l think they are one of the best movers out , Keep the good work Simba

  68. Terry Brown Says:

    Beware of Zaid he is the one posting negative adds about good moving companies like Gateway movers . l hired after him and he showed up with a small old cargo van and dirty blankets , When l was shopping around l called Gateway movers first and l late called him , he wanted to charge me $75/hr dollars , l told him that Gateway movers was cheaper than him , He them directed me to blog were spend his time speeding lies coz no one wants to put his /her staff in his dirty cargo van , l decided to go with him coz of the stories l saw on this blog . On the day of moving he showed up with a very old truck that didn’t fit my staff . l told him to leave and ended up taking a risk ( they were the best movers at the end) calling Gateway Movers . I end up being moved by Gateway movers at 12 mid night because Zaid had messed up my day . Eddie and his friend did a great job , they wrapped all my furniture and they never charged me extra fees. These guys are the best movers l have ever used , People like Zaid that are jealous of them are the one’s that are busy posting lies about them , l told them l was going to let the whole world know that Zaid is the biggest Scam who is busy posting negative adds coz he cant compete with Gateway Movers . He is busy using this domain to post spreed lies about Gateway Movers. Dear Customers if you are looking for great small moving company Go with Gateway Movers they are the best . Do not fall prey to Zaid scare tactics , I ended up recommending Gateway Movers to five of my friends and they all said they did a great job. After that l felt obliged to disclose the truth .

  69. Jill Says:

    My friend moved on Saturday, September 1, 2012

    She found the moving company’s AD on Kijiji using the name RAM Moving and Storage, number 647-621-6240. They emailed her a quote using GTA Movers ( and the signature at the bottom of their email was Metrocity Moving and Storage inc., number 1-866-482-8464. The name on their moving truck was Logan Moving and Storage.

    The owner’s name given to us by the movers was Brian – 416-994-4694. This was the number I googled after the move and this Blog connecting the number to several alias companies and different phone numbers.

    They quoted my friend (in writing) for a one bedroom apartment move $55/hr + a $55 travel fee with no mention of additional fees. My friend called to confirm that there would be no hidden fees. When the movers arrived, they wouldn’t load the truck until my friend provided a $350 deposit. They finally accepted $300 that she had to go to an ATM to retrieve; they also stated that there would be additional charges for each stair and any heavy items.

    During the move, one of the workers pulled my friend aside to get her to sign a contract. He kept the signed copy and would not return it to us when we asked to see it at the end of the move. Then he handed my friend a copy of the contract that said it was a 4 hour minimum charge plus the driving charge of $55. The contract also says that the down payment provided was

    The movers arrived 1.5 hours late and moved for 1 hour with the help of 5 of our friends, spending part if that time talking or texting on their phones; then they handed us a bill for $321.50.

    When we asked them questions about the hidden fees, they kept telling us that the promises made by the company were not their issue as they were only “ground workers” but to take it up with the owner Brian at 416-994-4694. They would not give us Brian’s last name and they were unclear about what the name of the company is that they work for saying that there are different franchises.

    Judging from some of the complaints on your blog, our experience was not too bad. Likely many have decided that it is too difficult and time consuming to see that this company is held accountable. I have found it difficult to find a forum with which to warn people. And since they often change their company name and phone number, they continue undetected. That is precisely why they have been able to continue to operate.

  70. Nathalie Says:

    On Sept 12 2012, we hired RAM MOVERS AND STORAGE INC, it was the worst experience moving in my life, when they arrived they asked for a 300dollar deposit, then they started, which i was told it would be 40dollars per hour, they finally started packing in the truck, but they couldnt fit everything. They were moving so slow, then once they got there they said they will not continue until i gave them another 160dollars. Then they told me i will be charged for every stair, plus for all heavy items, which i wasnt told, before hand. I stepped out left my parents there, so they decided to leave everything on the first floor of the house, and said they had to leave. What a huge scammmmmmmm. The guys name is Brian with contact number 647 933 8879, and they have many more numbers. This needs to be taken to court. If anyone had any experience similar please contact me ASAPPPPPPPPPPP

  71. Crystal Says:

    i wish i would have read all these reviews before. I too was scammed by C.M.S Moving and Storage. Lets all spread the word so this kind of thing does not happen to anyone else!

  72. Crystal Says:

    I just realized that C.M.S Moving and Storage also goes by the name of Logan Movers & Storage inc. Please everyone be aware of these scammers! I am so greatfull for this website to expose these criminals. I wish I would have checked them out before I called them.

  73. Christina McPherson Says:

    We moved with Naim, who was recommended by our friend. He showed up on time actually 10 minutes earlier. He was pleasant and knowledgeable, wrapped all of furniture and no extra or hidden charges. We definitely recommend his honest moving service. His number is 416-876-9400.

  74. jeff Says:

    ASR Movers are the exact same! NEVER get ASR Movers EVER. I would like to rate them a 0 out of 10, I can’t even given them a 1 just for finally delivering the stuff as i had to go back to the old building to get everything they left behind!
    I was scammed yesterday! What a terrible company, I had a to move a small 2 bedroom condo (1 bedroom and the other bedroom is an office), I’ve moved several times and only taken 2 hours maximum in the past).

    We had the elevator booked from 9am-12pm ASR Movers show up at 10:40, and hour and 40 minutes late! They drag their feet, loading one box at a time instead of loading up the dollys and loading the elevator to its capacity (anything to take more time and increase their hourly rate). They were supposed to disassemble the bed and it took them 45 minutes! (I have a simple queen bed where the 2 sides pop right off, no tools needed) – they “lost” their 2 wheel dolly and didn’t show up with any materials to wrap the fragile glass or mirrors so I gave them my own bubble wrap.

    They took soooo long that they got kicked out of the elevator by security (you would think that if you show up late you would try and move quicker to meet the elevator deadlines). They tried bringing the rest of the items down the main elevators and took another hour. Security allowed them to go back up and grab the last of the items and come down in one run — but they took another hour and they got kicked off the property because other trucks had booked where they were parked. They ended up carrying my belongings into the street where they moved the truck to – luckily it wasn’t raining. I had to listen to security complain about how terrible these movers were all day.

    So now we go to the new building where we are moving to (across the friggin street!). These elevators were booked from 10am-1pm.. but by now it is 3pm, luckily they allowed us to still use the elevator.
    So they go to the loading dock and they drive into one of the concrete pillars at the loading dock and damage it!
    They continue their half ass shananigans at this building too (carrying one box at a time to the elevator, and stuffing only one to two items per elevator ride).
    I had to physically get their 4 wheel dolly and show them how to stack boxes on it to move more items per each trip.

    They took several hours just to unload the truck and security had to force them to leave again because other people needed the elevator.
    They finished at 6pm!!… a 7 Hour move for a small 2 bedroom condo going only across the street!!

    Here’s all my items i own:
    1 queen bed
    1 Dresser
    1 Bar
    1 small desk
    1 3 seater couch
    1 Big Screen and tv stand
    20-25 Boxes (small and large size)

    Try to tell me that’s a 7 hour move at $65 an hour?!?!!!

    These movers have no clue what the heck they are doing, I called their manager to complain about the $600 bill and all he tells me is that I have to pay because I have all my belongings now and I should have complained earlier in the day. Well if I complained earlier then they would have held my belongings ransom!!!
    They also make you sign a waiver saying they are not liable for ANY damage to your belongings.. you mean they don’t have insurance??
    They charge me for an hour of drivetime from Etobicoke to West End Downtown Toronto?? (12 minute drive)

    I am filing a BBB complaint with ASR movers (if they are even listed) BEWARE of ASR Movers in Toronto or Etobicoke. They will make your move a living hell!

    • Ia Says:

      I’m just curious if there’s any update to your complain? I am not sure if we hired the same movers but I had a similar terrible experience. I had to pay $250 up-front, even after they came 40 minutes late. When we got to my new apartment, they then again billed me for $150 more. The original agreement was $60/hr. At that point, they have only worked about 1.5 hours (including driving time). Like you, I didn’t have many things. The biggest things I moved with are a queen mattress, tv, and a treadmill. When I asked them for a receipt, I was told to contact their headoffice. Until now (I moved Nov. 1), I’m still waiting for that receipt. I have called about 5x since then and sent emails to

      I would really like to put these guys out of business to prevent them from scamming others.

    • Maria Says:

      I had a similar experience with ASR! I would advise anyone looking to move, to stay away from this company. The employees as well as the managment are very unprofessional and rude. After breaking my TV stand, and not replacing it, and damaging other items with scratches and nicks, as well as walls and ceilings. I was left with a huge dent- literally. Buyer beware!

    • Nick Bal Says:

      Dear Mr Jeff

      Thank you for your feedback. As a moving company, being reviewed and rated online is extremely hard to avoid pointing fingers and debating all of the issues mentioned. We are very proud of the work that we do and more importantly of the people that do it. Therefore, it’s also easy for us to get defensive, but we won’t. Fortunately, due to the hard work of everyone on our team, we don’t face the strenuous task of responding to negative reviews too often as proven by our track record and our corporate values. Without trying to defend ourselves on each issue or debate on the price you mentioned.

      Your job was done in Oct 2013 and Please check our rating from october in march 2013 now . We move almost more than 100 clients every month, its really hard to provide 100% customer satisfaction to everyone. In this form as you can see people are sharing their thoughts how people are charged hidden fees and stuff. You just paid hourly price what you have agreed while booking the job.

      Mr jeff on your moving day our truck was 1 hour late due to some mechanical issues with truck we already apologies to you regarding that, You have just booked the elevator for few hours which were not enough to move you. Our Crew still moved your belongings in other elevator instead of waiting for service elevator. Moving Two bedroom condo for $600 in not Expensive.

      Also we are proud to be one of only moving companies in canada who provide Full Price Protection Insurance, But customers needs to purchase it separately while booking the Move..

  75. Megan Sheron Says:

    l used Metro Pacific Movers and l was Very impressed with their customer service. l have had bad experience with movers ,before and as you know it hard to find a good mover . l decided to take a chance with them despite some one bad review above and l was impressed . I was quite stressed from the past negative experiences and I had a lot of stuff to protect. Overall everything went seamlessly fine. Very happy with the result, would definitely used them again. THEIR NUMBER IS TOLL-FREE 1-866-762-0234
    The guys that moved were awesome, and l hope this will help some one out , l am not saying they are best movers ever but l had a good experience and l felt obliged to write this reviews , coz most of the reviews are normally bad , no one seem to write about their good experience.

  76. Jackson Says:

    I don’t have any experience with the other movers mentioned in this thread but we hired Skyline Movers to move home today and couldn’t have wished for a better service. The truck arrived early, our belongings were handled with care and we were charged exactly the amount that was quoted

  77. craigslist911 Says:

    Read moving scam alerts and consumer alerts at:

    Thank you all

  78. Anna Says:

    Do not use them! Complete moral & financial trauma for life.

    I think they are under the same as Toronto Movers. It’s like an affiliate of a larger moving company.

  79. Angelica Ciobanu Says:

    SMS MOVERS – I asked on the phone about pricing, and a guy Ryan said $45/hour, two men and a truck. I asked if they have additional charges, he said no. Moving day, two guys and a truck came in late, one of the guys was dirty and had stained clothes but I said for moving I should not expect a tie… The truck was filthy and my husband requested them to clean it up. When spoke to Ryan I asked if they had moving blankets and was told the movers will bring everything needed. The guys told me upfront they only had a dolly. One of the guys demanded deposit upfront, 300 dollars, cash only. The deposit alone was what I was told the move will cost. We paid… the guys loaded everything in their track and said they will go for the final bill, leaving me and my husband dumbfounded. He came back with a hand written paper on a form – 550 dollars, the cash difference payable immediately or they walk away. I have never experienced such a scam in Canada before. This is simply dishonest business practice – I don’t mind paying 550 dollars for a move – I mind being coerced to do it, especially since we convened on a completely different price.

  80. herbert Says:

    I have been ripped off by the GTA movers
    They are the worst scammers around

  81. Ron Says:

    I used Skyline movers last month end and these movers were the best movers ever . l have had problems with movers before , but these guys were honesty and upfront with their price .

    • GuyTryingToMoveStuff Says:

      Hi Ron!
      I know this was 4 years ago. But would you still recommend Skyline? Just curious cuz we are doing a long distance moving and want to be sure it will be done well.

  82. Madeline Says:

    I truly tend to go along with all the things that is
    written within “Toronto Moving Scams- Consumers BEWARE!
    Toronto Movers Blog – Moving companies review in Toronto/GTA”.

    Thanks for all of the facts.Regards-Adelaida

  83. Jason Says:

    Please do not use this company “AAA MOVER” to move your stuff. They are also operating under another company name YRM moving. It is a complete scam… We used this company to move our stuff and we were told that the cost would $190 for 4 hours. Once they loaded our stuff to the truck we were told that the moving cost would be $900 and we had to pay upfront. Otherwise, they would keep our stuff. My 65 year old father almost had a heart attack. I will be reporting these guys to consumer watch dog.

  84. Saran Says:

    Hi, I used Completemovers. These guys were real cheat. They mentioned flat rate of $40. Just before unloading, they increased the prices exorbitantly. Though the travel time was less than an hour, they charged me for 4 Hours and travel time 1 hour with surcharge, heave luggage etc….Dont believe and ask for all charges.

  85. Anne Says:

    SCAMMED out of $400!! Paperwork said Forte Movers but somewhere along this journey I heard the name A1. Maybe they got confused in their own lies. Long overdue review, I really just tried to forget this horrible day of my life! I hired a company on kijiji last summer to move my belongings to my new house 3 hours away. After weeks of talking to Daniel on the phone it was all set up. He was kind of rude on the phone and didn’t explain much but he quoted me $600. The day of the move, these two young hooligans showed up 2 hours late, squealing their tires into my driveway. The truck was white and just said “movers” on the side. They came into my building, No apology for being late, and were cursing and swearing and acting like complete fools. I should’ve told them to get lost but we were on a schedule and didn’t have time to hire anyone else last minute. They asked for a deposit of $400 and I signed the form. Stupid me. They literally tossed my belingings into the truck! Well i did everything myself as they were the laziest dumbasses Ive ever met! Also they put a 2 ft hole in my armoire and damaged a few other items. As we were giving them the address they demanded $1200 before they would move the truck. Daniel was no longer answering our phone calls .. The two idiot fuck heads sat in the car and smoked a joint while we unloaded all our belongings onto the front lawn. We called the cops and they took off.. Never to be heard of again… With my $400. Luckily Uhaul had one more truck to rent. Complete nightmare! Do not hire anyone that sounds like this! They could be using a different name now.


    So sad to see that there are still businesses who scam people. Toronto’s market is one of the best and demand for quality services is huge. You can be a very profitable company just by offering a great service.
    try our company and let us know your experience

    Augusta Movers Toronto Inc,

  87. angel_i Says:

    O damn I was in a hurry and I didn’t check in first. Silly me. It’s what I usually do but I was super stressed. Last minute movers 416-871-4456. Tried to charge me double. Weren’t ready for my temper. I got a deal. I even tipped the driver…but now they can’t find my elevator key (and were trying to tell me ‘too bad, so sad’ about that) and then the dude in the office called me a piece of sh*t becuz, after being told the key was where it wasn’t, I asked again. So I called the police. Cuz they stole my key. Now they’re on their way with my deposit. We’ll see.

  88. Steffany Stone Says:

    Perfect Moving
    Phone: 416-834-4737
    We were using their services in May, 2013. That is the worst company I have ever seen. The slowest movers ever. They were smoking every 10 min and complaining about every heavy furniture item we had. They damaged some furniture, and instead of using wrapping rolls they were using scotch and now some of my furniture is just a piece of garbage which is a result of a glue remaining on a scotch. They charged an extra hour and were blackmailing us, if we don’t want to pay, they said they will just take off with our furniture. They came up with this idea when there was only 3 pieces of furniture left in a track. The worst movers ever. Never use their services!

  89. Lorna Says:

    I hired Gateway movers in 2011 and was the worst decision I’ve ever made! They claim that there rates never change- bull! I paid triple from what was quoted.

    On a good note, I just recently moved and hired Pick ‘n’ Drop Movers. These guys are the best! They came early, wrapped my fragile items, and were very friendly. I paid what they quoted me. Def worth giving them a call!

  90. ryan Says:

    Beware of SMS Movers! Is a fraudulent moving company. I really don’t know why they are still allowed to exist. Please pass this message on…. SMS Movers is a SCAM and FRAUDULENT Moving Company. You will regret the day you use this fraudulent moving company, called SMS Movers.

  91. kathu Says:


  92. JVR Says:

    Watch out for a company called Top Notch Movers – they also operate as Advanced Moving Systems and Executive Movers. Their cell number will change but the one I had is 647-854-3525. They advertise heavily on Kijiji.

    They demand a deposit and then once they load up the truck they refuse to move unless you come up with more cash. Also sorts of extra charges are tacked on.

  93. upsetting move Says:

    I got scammed by a company called ‘on time delivery service’ email address: and number is 416-400-6325 …
    we needed them, for the movers that we had originally called cancelled last minute.
    we thought what a great deal! 200 dollars for the move, and 45 dollar fee for last minute. they made my step dad sign papers without reading it properly and give them a deposit of 300 dollars, it a little strange but paid it.

    there were 2 guys and they took almost 3 hours to load a few things!

    – a couch located in the living room
    – a office desk located in the upstairs room
    – a tv located in the garage
    – a washer and dryer located in the garage
    – a hutch located in the dining room
    – and a dining table located in the dining room

    everything else had been taken to the other house already by the family. note, there are 8 of us in the family and 5 of my cousins had come.
    but because we didn’t want anything to get ruined we called movers to take the heavier and expensive stuff.

    the two guys were on their phones and were literally taking their sweet ass time putting everything in the truck. they barely did any work, we did most of it
    but managed to rip the one thing they did load into their truck, our couch.
    as soon as everything was in the truck they told my step dad that we have to pay 700 dollars for the move!!!!
    we were appalled, my stepdad called his manager and they came to an agreement of 600 dollars.
    it was crazy! 600 dollars for just a few things and most of that was by the help of us
    we were moving only 5 kilometers away!
    the police came and said their hands are tied. so we requested the police officers to ask the movers if they ripped the couch, to which they had said yes.
    when they brought the stuff to the new house, we didn’t do any work, we sat down and watched them bring in everything in less than 10 minutes all by themselves. we asked them to take some things to certain places and they refused, leaving it in the hallway. they had another move in half an hour and were rushing for time.
    we felt bad for them so gave them the rest of our dinner, we ordered pizza. and before they could finish placing things in its places they vanished.

    I took a picture of the rip and emailed the company the next day and have been emailing and calling them since. and today they told me that the rip is not done by them, but it is a wear and tear and they won’t pay the insurance on it.
    although we paid for insurance.

    so now all we can do is go to court and hope we win.

    if anyone has any suggestions or advice it would amazing. thank you.

  94. Muralia Krishnamurthy Says:

    I was scammed this Saturday. I needed few cupboards to be moved from my Garage to basement & called 647-400-4000. The guy on phone sounded so reasonable that he suggested me to try independent guys to help me as it would be cheap & said their rate is $170 for 3 hrs flat rate as they have to come from Markham and they have insurance & other overhead etc. Feeling them genuine, I booked them. 2 guys came at about 7-30 in the evening. They guy said, they needed money upfront. I was a bit surprised and should have refused but, seeing 2 guys in person come in a truck felt what could be wrong and thought they have been ripped and I paid him (even told to keep the change as he did not have balance). But I told him that I do not mind paying but want him to finish the job. He said it is an easy job and they are highly experienced to do this etc etc. After moving one cupboard near the stairs and seeing the space is tight, he asked my son to remove the hand rails to take the cupboard down the stairs. While my son was doing that both guys went to truck on the pretext of bringing some tools. After sometime when I did not see them and went to the road, I found neither them nor their truck is seen anywhere. After that I have called multiple times to 647-400-4000 and till now we get only a voice mail. This is a new way of scam and I never imagined that people came stoop to such a low level and all that for few hundreds of dollars.

  95. ash Says:


    Will hold your belongings for ransom, being seven month pregnant my husband thought he was doing me a favor by hiring help. Not only did they leave my furniture out in the lawn they drove right into my garage door before backing out. Not to mention only half my place was moved the rest we had to hire Uhaul. The trama, stress, abuse and having to pay double for our things to be left out in the lawn caused me to be hospitalized. After some research i found four different companies using the same number (647)400-4000, (647)833-1330. Before hiring any help google is your best friend read reviews and be aware. As for me no more movers ever, It took a a friend and hubby only half an hour to get my furniture into my place which took them 2 whole hours!!!

    • john tysick Says:

      I repeat never get Troy Transportation moving and storage to move anything lots of damages and still have lots of my belonging really angry and I am going to Civil Court with them. Four times charged us retention and detention of property. Took our thing hostage was days late on deliver just nonsense all the way around. Gina Tysick Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2014 20:21:47 +0000 To:

  96. Nadia Says:

    I saw a couple of negative comments about Gateway Movers here. I still hired them based on other (and more in number) good reviews. I just had them do a move today. Did a 2 bedroom very swiftly. We agreed on 3 hours and they did everything fast and efficiently. They bought a slightly smaller truck than requested. I got pissed off at that. But they knew what they were doing and loaded everything in very carefully. Used every inch of space to fit everything in. I was worried that they did that on purpose just so that we’d have to do double trips since the truck looked much too small for our furniture. But that didn’t happen. They made us sign a disclosure upfront. So I wouldn’t say that’s the business practice of scammers (as someone mentioned above). They were genuine. One thing I didn’t like was that they asked for taxes. That was not part of the agreement. I don’t remember anyone asking for taxes over the phone. They gave us a flat fee. So it cost us $40 more than anticipated. I don’t like when there is a discrepancy between the agreed price and the price asked upfront. But that $40 is really nothing much…and it could really have been part of their fee, maybe I just didn’t know. But nothing compared to some of the horror stories posted here…such as $1000+ charge for a move. That’s just ridiculous and very scary to think about. On the day of the move, when you have everything booked and ready to go on schedule, it’s really hard to change that or get another mover within a short time frame. So getting good movers is a hit or miss. I’m really really happy that our move went smoothly and went as expected. When they saw that we stressed out at the beginning of the move because of the discrepancy and the smaller truck size, they respected that and went on with the moving very fast as we told them we were trying to save some. I’d hire them again. Gateway Movers are the real thing.

  97. Jenny Naude Says:

    I have been ripped off by LMS Moving aka Logan moving… also fell for the “insurance” caught the movers going through my stuff!! When I called them I was sworn at…

    • john tysick Says:

      Donot ever get Troy Transportation and moving and storage read reviews on Homestars and and BBB donot recommend them to anyone so many reports on them. Sincerely Gina Tysick and John Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2014 20:21:41 +0000 To:

      • gina tysick Says:

        Scammed us for 38000 now in Civil court with Troy. Still did not get my life belonging back, nor any reasonable effect to make it right from this scamming Company. Please call me anyone that needs help with these Scamming Companies and we will help in anyway. 306 881 4289.

  98. Lilyan Matovu Says:

    Please whatever you do, do not use elite movers. I cried myself out of anger and frustration. Nothing can prepare you for this kind of scam. Read the paper before you sign it…I know you are in a hurry to move but if you carefully read the document or ask the mover to read it for you(which am pretty much sure they won’t be able), it will cost you less. Or call their manager and tell him to read you what he has sent you, if it does not agree with what you discussed, send them back.
    I was quoted a different price and I had the money ready to go for a 1 bedroom move. when the movers came after 1 hour wait, they told me to pay upfront $300, which I did. they gave me a document to sign and i looked at the time they arrived, then i saw the $45 per hour we discussed, but didn’t bother to read the very tiny paragraph below( my mistake). The movers had their pants down under their bums and I asked one of them, you knew you were supposed to do a move, how come you have jean pants falling below your bum and you can’t even walk. Tell ya, it took them 6 hours to move a 1 bedroom, and in between, they had to make personal calls, talk, chat, and all the stupid stuff…one was on the phone with his girlfriend all the time. My total bill for a one bedroom, only blue bins without bed or couch was $950. I flipped. they said, I had stairs and heavy boxes. Amazing, of course the boxes are supposed to be heavy or else I wouldn’t call movers. I called the office and no one picked up, it went to voice mail. I know they use a different phone during the move so you can’t speak to the manager. They held my stuff hostage until I had to ask a neighbor to go get me $500 to pay them so they could start moving. I had a headache for 2 days after that move. I hated myself, my new place, the bins. Imagine moving 11 blue bins and some stuff , just a small table and 2 bar stools, no couch, no bed, no mattress, for $900. And all the time, they spoke in a language unknown to me. what a bunch of thieves.
    they are all over craigslist and still operating and

    • Reza Haftchenari Says:

      These companies are running a very organized scam and they keep changing their names. Please be so careful when you use one of these moving companies. My father almost had a heart attack when he came across one of these companies. They held all of our furniture hostage and demanded money. I had to pay them $900 because I thought my dad was going to have a heart attack. Pure scam… Be very very careful. I hope they get caught by the police…

      Sent from my iPhone >

  99. Ranita Says:

    Metro city movers now operating as EDS movers.
    Detailed information:

    Metro City Movers or EDS
    Sukhwinder Singh, BO, Matthew
    20 GUIDED COURT, Toronto,
    Ontario, M9L 2B5

    These people are doing the same kind of business and changing name when people come to know them as scammers under one name.
    Be careful with these people name BO, Matthew.

  100. real estate in mississauga ontario Says:

    I am not sure where you are getting your info, but
    good topic. I needs to spend some time learning much more or understanding more.
    Thanks for wonderful info I was looking for this
    information for my mission.

  101. Josh Says:


    (866) 482-8464
    (416) 889-6559
    (416) 744-3000

  102. Matthew Ladouceur Says:

    Moving Titan be warned- If you’re looking for a moving company, keep looking. These guys are extremely unprofessional and care nothing for customer satisfaction. It took them twice as long to move my 1 bedroom apartment as it should have (Probably because they couldn’t get off their damn cell phones the entire time). It took them over an hour and a half to travel the same distance at the same time as it took me to drive 30 minutes. I didn’t realize I had to pay for their pit stops. But the most aggravating thing of all is how poorly they treated my stuff and my new condo. They banged things off walls, several picture frames were broken, and worst of all, they somehow manage to crack the screen of my TV which was packaged up in original packaging. Not only that, but they wouldn’t own up to any of it or do anything to correct the situation. The two faced manager Percy, while very friendly when I was setting up the move, turned very rude and acusing the entire time I spoke with him about the TV and refused to do anything or even acknowledge it was their fault. The cheaper option may look nice, but don’t make my mistake. It will cost you hundreds more in the long run. Go with a better company.My advice is go with a company that has a good rating on the BBB. Always check Homestars (best review site), and always make sure your movers are with the Canadian Association of Movers. Moving Titan will rip you off. The cheaper option is not the best option and these guys are not professional. I blogged about them and filled a BBB complaint. They couldn’t care less abut their reputation.

  103. Ranita Dey Says:

    If you are in Toronto go through these guys. They are low cost but very honest guys. they are 2 chinese guys run the company. T&T MOVERS. CALL AT 647 867 1633. I was cheated by 2 movers earlier and these guys just saved my move. They will give you flat rate and never ask for money before moving. For a 3 bedroom bungalow to a 3 bedroom tow story and basement house they charged me $180. They are very well behaved and hard working guys.

  104. Natalia Says:

    We got ripped off by the company called ” Last Minute Movers ” they use the alias name
    Their legal name is EBS Transport Inc.

    Phone: (416) 744-3000 Fax: (416) 744-3337- 47 Racine Rd, Etobicoke, ON M9W

    here is their other website :

    They use alias name Last Minute Movers. They did exactly what you have written about. The original quote we received from them was inflated by 100% after they calculated final fees. They were 5 hours late ,damaged the property and furniture , did not complete work, took only cash money, when I called them with the complaints the dispatcher by name Shawn verbally abused me by using F… words.I am still in shock.

    • Anonymouser Says:

      I got conned for bogus extra charges, similar story to everybody else here. Quoted price with terms basically saying “all in”, and then, once the stuff is in the truck…they demand more money. They demanded more money from me, two times, before the job was even done.

      Relevant notes for others:

      From our e-mail conversation:
      905 581 1070
      Logan’s Moving Service

      From voicemail inbox message:
      GTA Express

      Relevant note from larger than expected “receipt”
      LMS Moving and Storage Inc.
      EBS Transport Inc.
      47 Racine Toad, Rexdale, Ontario M92 6B2

  105. Natalia Says:

    Hello, I emailed the info about moving scam to but my message bounced back to me . Recipient address rejected: User unknown in virtual mailbox table [RCPT_TO] Do you have any other email addresses??

  106. Rob Says:

    I didn’t get scammed but got royally screwed. I hired GTA Moving Guys for a move on June 30, 2014 and they never showed up on the move date.

    They didn’t even call me, they just sent an email the morning of the move (around 8:33am) saying that a few of their guys didn’t show up for work so they removed me from their move list that day and couldn’t tell me when they could move me. Not that any other day would be helpful since I needed out on that day.

    And they still have not returned my deposit. So I guess in a sense I got ripped off.

    If they can do it once they could do it again so if I were anyone out there looking for a mover I would not recommend GTA Moving Guys. Use at your own risk.

    Very unprofessional.


  107. Judy Says:

    You can add 1st Class Van Lines to the list of big time long distance moving scammers out of Toronto or Scarborough or who knows where….
    they overcharged me to the weigh scale weight ….by 3000 lbs… came 30 days after pickup when it was to be 7-10 days…and only after I found my own goods in a storage facility in Richmond BC….they brought other people’s belongings to my new residence, and then lost 4 boxes of personal goods…and did not respond to +20 pages of emails requesting service.

    I have made a BBB complaint, and attempted to get Mastercard to do a dispute charge back….BUT and BEWARE….mastercard won’t do anything UNLESS you took out insurance with the scammers and they refused to reimburse you. MORE SCAMS….Can’t believe it. Two months working through this mess to be told mastercard won’t do anything….I am sooooooooooooo disgusted!!!!

    • Gina and John Tysick Says:

      Just get the word out to everyone you know to again never get Troy Transportation Moving and Storage out of Scarborough Ontario. WE WERE RIPPED OFFFFFF HUGE, to the some of 38000 dollars. Please call me and we will join forces to end these Rogue moving Companies from Ripping us off. Lets end these companies for taking advantage of us hard working people that are just trying to get ahead in life. They have stolen,lyed,took advantage of voluble people. Call let do this together and get the laws change by the Federal Government ok. 306 881 4289 look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely Gina and John Tysick

    • Gina and John Tysick Says:

      I also was scammed by moving company for the sum of 38000 dollars of lost, stolen, missing what ever and damage life belongings really angry going to Civil Court with the Company Pass on this name Troy Transportation Moving and Storage out to Scarborough Ontario. Call me join forces to stop these companies from doing this Gina and John Tysick 306 881 4289

  108. Gina and John Tysick Says:

    Again let join forces and end these Rogue Companies from ever doing this again. Where is these companies, Morals, Family Values, Respect for others life belongings, WHERE Let join force and Get a hold of our Federal Government and end this people call them today right letters do whatever we need to. Sincerely Gina Tysick 306 881 4289 I will help.

  109. Meg Says:

    Has anyone heard of Topnotch movers in Toronto? Their prices seem too good to be true!

  110. Jennifer Welosky Says:

    Below is an email i sent to ASR Movers detailing concerns i had with their service. NOT RECOMMENDED!

    My husband and I moved from our apartment to our new home on Saturday, July 25th. We hired your company in order to have a stress-free transition between our homes. Although you have many positive reviews on the internet, I was astounded at the inconvenience my family was put through, as well as the lack of training and unprofessionalism of your staff. I am bringing to your attention concerns I have with the service I received on Saturday, July 25:
    1. Using your online quote system, I filled out an extensive list detailing the furniture we had in our two bedroom apartment. I am disappointed that I was so underquoted on the time and had the quote been more reflective of the actual cost, I would have gone with another company. The job actually took nine hours and was completed in an unsatisfactory manner.
    2. Our service elevator was booked for the period 12-4, based on your two movers who were scheduled to arrive at 12:00 and arrived eventually arrived at 1:30. Fortunately, no other tenant had booked the elevator after us and our building manager did not charge us a fee for elevator overtime.
    3. A third mover was provided at an extra cost of $30.00 per hour due to the fact one of the movers had his right hand and wrist in a cast and was having difficulty moving the heavier furniture. It is unacceptable to send staff that are not fit to complete the job.
    4. Your quotation indicates “free packaging and unpackaging of goods”; however, the movers planned to wrap our items at the truck, subjecting our furniture to nicks, dents and scrapes while removing it from our apartment. At my husband’s insistence, shrink wrap was provided; however, no blankets or proper furniture protection was supplied. In addition, in order to mitigate any additional costs, my girlfriend and I had to assist with the wrapping as the two original movers were extremely slow moving . The third guy was somewhat faster; however, this should not have happened!
    5. The main excuse provided for the slow movement was the elevator size. Both my husband and I have professional moving experience and all the furniture was moved into the apartment in five hours with the assistance of one other individual. Had the furniture been arranged in the elevator better, it would have resulted in less trips and faster movement.
    6. No longer trusting the competency with fragile items, I kept several items back to relocate myself. The attached pictures show how much remained even after nine hours. This took five hours to move using personal vehicles and non-dedicated elevators the following day.
    7. The dispatcher was very rude and unhelpful when I called to discuss these issues at 7:45 pm. He spoke over me every time I voiced an issue, and then told me “Did they break anything? Well, then there’s no problem.” Not breaking anything should not the standard for a successful move.
    8. Because I relied on your estimate below, I only had enough cash on hand to pay the quote plus a buffer of about two hours & tip for your staff. Because the move took almost twice as long and required additional staff, my husband and I had to scramble to get more cash at 8pm on a Saturday. Since our items would not be removed from the truck until paid the fee, we had no other option but to pay. In order to expedite the completion, we also had to assist in unloading the truck so as to not disturb our neighbors any further with the loud truck. The move was finished at 10:30, and an hour was refunded from what we paid ($1120.00 total – original quote $508.50, incl. HST)
    9. Finally, when the movers took the hinge off my back screen door to get it to open wider, they subsequently lost a part and were unable to reattach the hinge.
    I had requested some form of compensation for my time, plus a repairs of the broken screen door, howver Nick sees no reason to provide me with either.

    • linda Says:

      Hi there. I was scammed by this ASR company the movers are using the cell number and claim Nick is the manager but not available. He does not return my messages.

      • smarter now Says:

        Abroad will continue to change its name! These companies are all the same scum! They are all here on Welfare..collecting cash jobs! Ripping off vulnerable people! I hope somebody beats the crap of them! They all deserve prison! Complaing to BBB does nothing!

  111. Jeff Says:

    ASR movers should be on that list. They broke some of our furniture, showed up 2 hours late (a serious problem when you have limited hours to book elevators in a condo), slow as hell. Drove into a pillar in my new building. Dragged a small 1.5 bedroom condo move into an 8 hour job (I originally moved in with the same furniture with me and one other person in under 2 hours). No care from management regarding shitty service or willing to discount services for damages.
    I have no idea how they have ANY good reviews at all. My guess is they use family members and outsource to India to have false good reviews written about them online.

  112. sf Says:

    toronto delivery & courier/ west end movers are scamsters…

  113. linda Says:

    ASR movers is also a scam company they do the same as the warning above listed above.and they are getting away with it too.

  114. smarter now Says:

    Abroad Movers are total scum! Never hire them! They will steal, break and hold your items hostage! Terrifying!! They deserve a beat down and to be sent back to Sir Lanka in handcuffs!

  115. satyamobilegamesSatya Says: , Don’t call the phone numbers 416-568-1656 Muneer and 647-973-1272. Complete ripoff, ended up paying $1000 when the initial quote was $45 per hour. Rip off

  116. satyamobilegamesSatya Says: , Don’t call the phone numbers 416-568-1656 Muneer and 647-973-1272. Complete ripoff, ended up paying $1000 when the initial quote was $45 per hour. Rip off

    Here is another initiative Upload your receipts and posts up here as well. Lets make these companies famous.

  117. Arun Says:

    All I have started a Petition online for Government of Ontario to regulate and license the moving companies so the moving scams can be avoided. Please sign and share. Lets make a difference.

  118. Arun Says:

    All I have started a Petition online for Government of Ontario to regulate and license the moving companies so the moving scams can be avoided. Please sign and share. Lets make a difference.

  119. Mahesh Says:

    Watch out for Joe!!!!!!!!!!!
    Old Indian guy

    416 566 2901

  120. Mah Says:

    Watch out for Joe!!!!!!!!!
    Old Indian guy

    416 566 2901

  121. Shelley Lee Mcilwrick Says:

    I am looking for an honest, fair priced mover in Brampton, anyone have a good recommendation for me? Thanks

  122. Shelley Lee Mcilwrick Says:

    I am looking for an honest , fair priced mover in Brampton, Can anyone recommend someone. Thanks

  123. Shelley Lee Mcilwrick Says:

    I am looking for an honest, reliable fair priced mover in Brampton, Can anyone recommend one for me? Thanks

  124. anita Says:

    I was scamped by Pasific Van line , these theifs advertise on Kijiji and they ask money to load the truck ,they got my deposit and left without doing anything, they were asking more in deposit and I didn’t agree,t be aware , Pasific Can Line are theft busineds

  125. Info Says:

    Scammed by

    “The Moving Company”, Toronto – Ontatio (Quebec Incorporated), Tel – 416-565-9303 (Michael). His fraud accomplice is Robin – 416-450-4362, 416-562,3354, 647-575-7549

    Email –

    Anybody scammed by them please reply to this post and I will contact you. This guy even talked abusively on the phone to my wife. I really wanna do something about this.

  126. Info Says:

    Me and family scammed by “The Moving Company”.
    Owner – Micahel – 416-565-9303. His accomplice Robin – 416-450-4362, 416-562-3354, 647-575-7549. Email id is

    If any one else is scammed by them please contact me. They even threatened my wife and verbally abused.

    • Melissa Lindstrom Says:

      I was just scammed by these same movers, and in addition to that they damaged our condo building and now we’re trying to get a hold of them for insurance purposes since the damage they did to the condo building was 2000$ but they keep hanging up on me/screening my call. Trying to figure out the next steps, I work in the courts and spoke with a crown and they said that there are grounds for fraud. Looking at basically all angles to report them, considering civil suit. I’ve contacted the police and I also wrote down the license plate of the truck and questioned the movers quite a bit to get more information about this company. My email address is

    • Sid Says:

      Yes, they are the biggest scammers of all time.

      Found Raj on kijiji – 416-450-4362
      Michael – 416-319-7960 – The guy who send the truck with 2 of his employees.
      Michael’s Company Name – Good Boys Delivery – Email –

      When I called, them they told me that it’s $200 total fees so I asked them to come the next day (Aug 31 2016). They sent 2 guys and they started loading stuff from my apartment in their truck. After they loaded the first batch they asked me for a deposit of $200 and so I gave them and then they presented me with a receipt book for the deposit and asked me to sign it that they received the deposit from me and I signed it without reading it since I was thinking more about moving (BIG BIG MISTAKE).

      After they loaded everything into their truck they presented me with the actual invoice of $800 something. The deposit slip that I signed without looking was actually me agreeing to their terms and conditions and on that basis the fees went from $200 to $800.

      After 1 hour of fighting with them, I called the Cops and the Police Officer on the phone told me that they do get lots of calls relating to problems with the movers (so I guess this a common nuisance). The Police Officer came but he couldn’t do anything since they had my signature on the invoice. He did show me a website where I can complain as “Paid-In-Protest” and they will open up an investigation.

      Then I called my Boss at my work and he came in 30 mins with another colleague of mine and he also called his Gym Trainer (and this guy is big). And after 1 hour of arguing and verbally fighting with them, they agreed for another $200.

      So, total cost was $400. Its not the cost but the fact that someone was trying to FUCK You over pisses me off more and I will do everything in my power to make their life miserable and this is a start.

  127. Yuliya Says:

    I got scammed by Green moving and storage 416 292 0016, 647 531 2734,
    416 886 7113, 416 886 1558

    I was moving from London, ON to Halifax, NS. They showed up on the wrong date to pick up my stuff, despite me confirming the pickup date multiple times.

    The initial quote was 840, the charged me 1300.

    They charged my credit card a week prior to obtaining me authorization to charge my card.

    My stuff was supposed to be in Halifax on August 10, it is still not here (August 29 now). I have not idea where it is, or how long it will take to get any of it back. I keep getting different information every time I call.

    I have contacted Toronto police and starting a civil suit.

    The owner of the company is Mark. The “senior relocation manager” Maria made a ridiculous amount of mistakes in my moving contract, including pickup date. Their accounting personnel is extremely rude, it took me days of calling them repeatedly before I was sent my moving contract and confirmation of payment. In the last 2 weeks there have been numerous very negative reviews posted about them. Stay away!

  128. Christine Says:

    I’m literally living this article as I type this. My stuff is loaded and being held hostage. Quoted $400…being charged $1100!!!

    It’s everything I can do not to burst into tears.
    Good boy movers. Toronto (incorporated in QC!) advertised on kijjiji I believe. Phone number is: 416.319.7960

    A “Raj” fellow was the booking agent. He now has nothing to do with anything apparently.

    • idlenonsense00 Says:

      Christine you need to call the police! After I got scammed and spoke with the police they said that I should have called while they were holding my stuff. Call them right now before you pay them!

    • Melissa Lindstrom Says:

      Don’t pay them, call the police without them knowing and then the police will show up and they will force them to go to the new location.

    • tal Says:

      I also had a brush in with Good Boy Movers, in fact on the receipt they call themselves “Good Boys Delivery” with the same phone number (416-319-7960). They slapped me with a $934 bill, and “Raj” has since stopped answering my phone calls.

    • Tal Says:

      Had the same brush in with the same Good boy movers, except on the receipt they call themselves “Good boys delivery “, I guess they change their name every so often. They slapped me with a $900 bill and refused to let my stuff go. Oh and the “Raj” guy, he’s since stopped answering my phone calls. The nerve of some people

  129. Melissa Lindstrom Says:

    When I got scammed and spoke with the police afterwards, the police told me that I should have called while it was happening.

  130. John Glenn Says:

    Same story has been shared by other in the internet for same phone number but with different name like Mike(Supervisor), Michael, Robin, Andrew, Roby, Raj

    Fake company with no valid record of their business in directory

    “The Moving Company”, Toronto – Ontatio (Quebec Incorporated) –
    “The Good boys Deliver” Toronto – Ontatio (Quebec Incorporated) –

    Raj 416-450-4362 and Mike 416-319-7960

    Other phone number they use are as follow with the same story.
    416-624-9832, 416-562-3354, 647-849-3905, 416-565-9303, 416-562-3354, 416-319-7960, 647-575-8334

    Some of the other victims with same story out of many are as follow.$1,000.00$800.00$800.00

    There Kijiji posting with the phone number associated are as we follow

  131. Natasha Says:

    This is the biggest fucking scam ever. We spoke with a gentleman raj yesterday. he quoted me 200 dollars comes and all of a sudden 921.00 they wouldn’t drop my stuff off unless they had cash in their hands got it dropped to I need my stuff. it’s ok karma is a bitch they will get what’s coming.

  132. Ron Says:

    Please ad to the list of ripoff company’s the name of easy move in Hamilton ont that who I called and they sent L M S
    Moving and storage out of bramton I was told 500 deposit befor they started to load the when me and 3 of the laziest wannabe guys I’d ever meet finish loading the truck they tell me it’s another 400 befor they leave the driveway to witch I phone the police it’s only after they arrive that they drop the bill 200 so I’m still on the hook for 700 for an hour and a half to load 20 min to my new house and because I won’t pay there extortion rate they unload everything into one room pulled almost to the roof these guys are a joke please don’t use easy move in Hamilton this idiot will only use L M S out of Brampton this has been the worst move I have ever had I’m calling the BBB on Monday these cracker jacks have to be stopped

  133. Ron Says:

    Here’s a new number there useing to ripp you off 647-457-4867 for L M S and 905-581-1070 that’s easy move in Hamilton you call him and he brokers your Stuart to the wanna bes I’m bramton please don’t use these people you will get burned

  134. sid2107blog Says:

    Yes, they are the biggest scammers of all time.

    Found Raj on kijiji – 416-450-4362
    Michael – 416-319-7960 – The guy who send the truck with 2 of his employees.
    Michael’s Company Name – Good Boys Delivery – Email –

    When I called, them they told me that it’s $200 total fees so I asked them to come the next day (Aug 31 2016). They sent 2 guys and they started loading stuff from my apartment in their truck. After they loaded the first batch they asked me for a deposit of $200 and so I gave them and then they presented me with a receipt book for the deposit and asked me to sign it that they received the deposit from me and I signed it without reading it since I was thinking more about moving (BIG BIG MISTAKE).

    After they loaded everything into their truck they presented me with the actual invoice of $800 something. The deposit slip that I signed without looking was actually me agreeing to their terms and conditions and on that basis the fees went from $200 to $800.

    After 1 hour of fighting with them, I called the Cops and the Police Officer on the phone told me that they do get lots of calls relating to problems with the movers (so I guess this a common nuisance). The Police Officer came but he couldn’t do anything since they had my signature on the invoice. He did show me a website where I can complain as “Paid-In-Protest” and they will open up an investigation.

    Then I called my Boss at my work and he came in 30 mins with another colleague of mine and he also called his Gym Trainer (and this guy is big). And after 1 hour of arguing and verbally fighting with them, they agreed for another $200.

    So, total cost was $400. Its not the cost but the fact that someone was trying to FUCK You over pisses me off more and I will do everything in my power to make their life miserable and this is a start.

  135. sid2107blog Says:

    I forgot to mention the Vehicle Registration # L656113, Quebec. I am not sure weather they own it or they were leasing it.

  136. MK Says:

    Here is new number Raj 416-318-5760 an truck plate # Quebec L623825. Gave a quote and then all kinds of hidden charges. $300 vs $1300.

  137. Kris Caesar Says:

    Check out NK movers. I hired them just as muscle to move big stuff off a truck that I had used to move from Texas.
    When they got here they wanted me to sign an “estimate” form and another form. I said the price was already told to me over the phone and it was for their time and km’s so it should be the concrete price not an estimate. I asked to read the forms before I signed but he wouldn’t let me. I said under my breath to my friend that “this is a scam”, the guy heard it and got super agro. He got in my face and tried to intimidate me……I told him to get fucked. I’ve been scammed once before in the typical way you describe on your site and I’m not sure how this one was going to work considering they never had possession of my shit but I can tell you 100% these guys are sketchy as shit.
    I ended up giving the guy from ABF that drove the truck $100 to help and couldn’t have beven happier.

  138. SS Says:

    they operate now under last minute movers
    they tried to steal our furniture – what they do is demand money before unloading – then dump it all in the garage or driveway and demand more money – IF they can drive away with your stuff they WILL – THEN they keep it and claim you owe them additional storage fees etc. they snoop around your home finding out what they can steal ….. SCUM!!! Now they ARE – last minute movers.

  139. Jamie Matthews Says:

    Originally quoted $150 for first two hours and $60 per hour for every hour after (as quoted by Andrew at Easy Moving Solutions Aka Logan moving & Storage). Prices previously quoted were changed when random 3rd party (LMS Moving & Storage) showed up to move our stuff (two Indian guys). They said the new fee was $175 for the first two hours and said we needed to pay a deposit of $350 UP FRONT before they would even begin. They also tried to gouge us for stairs and travel, but we previously confirmed no stair fees at the time of referral. They made us pay in cash up front and held our stuff hostage (with the clock ticking) on the truck until they got the balance of $500!!! They carelessly banged furniture into walls and worked very slowly. Both guys would carry an empty storage bin and then sit it outside of the truck. When it started to rain the guys just let all our wood furniture sit out in the rain and never attempted to load it on the truck to protect it. They used no drop clothes or sheets to keep them from scratches and dents and the truck was FILTHY and covered in debris that ultimately cracked all the legs and ends of my furniture.

    During the unload, my husband and I did most of the heavy lifting and eventually the movers even started handing us boxes and furniture to bring in. They no longer voluntarily brought items up or down stairs (they expected us to do it). While watching, one of the movers dropped my portable AC unit off the truck and it crashed to the pavement. They didn’t see me watching and never mentioned it. Next, they put one of my large built-in cabinets on the sidewalk and let it sit there while they moved lighter, easier items (I think they were hoping my husband and I would grab it). The wind pushed it over and it crashed onto the sidewalk, completely destroying it. The movers refused to provide any compensation (they already had our money) and told us to contact the ‘boss’ to see about going through Insurance. In the days following, the owner has hung up on us repeatedly, blocked our numbers and won’t return our calls/texts about getting a claim form for the thousands of dollars in damage to our items and furniture. Reporting them to the Better Business Bureau and will be suing them in Small Claims Court.

  140. Grant Thorburn Says:

    I used to complete a move last year. I was initially impressed with their service, but by the end of the move I was dissatisfied. I left an email with a complaint to which the (young, in his 20’s) “CFO” of the company personally emailed me to say they would sue me for libel and slander and for “criminal dicrimination” … I work in Hospitality, and to come back to a complaint with such force will quickly drive their business under. (also said they would send me a cease and desist letter by registered mail — they never did)

  141. John Says:

    My landlord gave me 2 months since they decided to sell their property. I decided to hire moving company via Kijiji to save money.
    I hired moving company through Kijiji. They advised as $45 per hours and 1 hour travel time for 2 movers and truck. When they came to my house, they asked me to put $300 for deposit, and sign the contract. I didn’t read detail but it was a BIG mistake. I feel I was stupid since I offered even free pizza for their lunch since I though they are good hard working people, but I was wrong… After they loaded my belongs, they gave $1600 invoice. I was in a panic and can’t think another option. They said they can’t go my new place until they got full payment in cash.
    I learned my lesson, but I was a nightmare.

  142. David Says:

    Beware of Skyline Moving and Storage. They emailed me a quote for my move, and since they have a very similar name to “Skyline Moving Company”, they come up in a google search with good reviews. However the latter is a Colorado company that is different from them. I was fooled by this and gave them a $200 deposit to book my move. I then realised the issue and tried to cancel and get back my deposit but they won’t return it. I can’t trust a company that doesn’t have a real physical address. Their phone number is just an unmarked cell phone, and they don’t give out their last names. If your possessions disappeared you’d have no way of finding this company.

    • Farah Says:

      Thanks David, they did the same with me, don’t you think a way to retrieve the deposit?

    • Buggle Boy Says:

      I engaged them to move from Western to Eastern Canada. They picked stuff a month ago and so far they have not delivered it. Everytime we call, they have an excuse saying “goods are in transit”. They further told me prior to booking that the whole consignment will be delivered in 10-12 days time, and now they have twisted everything which suits their whims and fancies.

      Its a bogus company or a company with no physical address. Too bad that I gave them business. It is now 6 weeks and still have no luggage. I have posted a review on Yelp about them and also BBB. So far SOL.

  143. Farah Says:

    Has any one try this company recently please let me know? skyline moving and storage?
    the webpage:

  144. Farah Says:

    We agreed on half the price I paid
    Then they doubled the cost
    They didn’t inform us that it’s time dependant ,
    Rude manager

  145. N. Levine Says:

    Time flies!
    Five years later and the same story, con jobs, rip offs and endless intimidation on individual’s that are so venerable?
    If only, we could have a government that could regulate these gypsies once and for all . I was robbed, and threatened by a bunch of guy’s that couldn’t speak a word of English! Welcome to CANADA, I really think we need a major overall in the Immigration Department or buy good insurance so the coverage can be paid by all Canadians.

  146. Dodo Says:

    Be aware phone number is 14039033433 is a scam. they call themselves Skyline Moving and Storage and this is their website

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