General Moving Tips from Toronto Moving Company

General moving tips

Do not forget to read this when you have decided to shift you house. Many people do not wish to move often from one place to other. Hence they might not have enough experience in moving their belongings to a new place. Here are some of the useful moving tips to guide you.

  • o Not all the seasons are same. This is true even for moving industry. There are Peak and off peak season during which the cost of moving many vary. Summer is the peak season for demanding heavier cost. So the cost may be higher if you chose to move on summer season. Hence to reduce the moving cost, reschedule moving to a less busy time.
    o Set up appointments with movers by contacting them through any means for an On-site estimate. Get different estimates from various moving companies since they depend on the quality of the company, percentage of workers, popularity and advertisements. The estimate may be either on hourly basis or flat rate.
    o A visual inventory will be done by a relocation consultant about the items and contents in your home. He then issues a written offer guaranteeing you move.
    o Do a complete inspection from attic to basement of your house to decide what to take and what to discard before relocation consultant enters into survey sheet. To avoid additional charges, this is the best thing to follow.
    o Before the mover arrives prepare a checklist of all the items that are kept ready for shifting. When the movers completes his work cross check with his estimate and checklist with your checklist to make sure no item is left out or included additionally.
    o Do not forget to pack all your belongings to ensure safety. If not it may end in breakage of items. This service is also provided by many moving companies but it is not advisable to do so since you will show more concern to your contents rather that anybody else.
    o Movers will not take responsibility of any damages when the things are packed by the customers. So when you pack the items be aware and handle with care. Also write brief descriptions in each package for easy identification when they are kept in new place. Some may demand for additional cost if the driver repacks all cartons which are not packed properly.
    o So, if you decide to pack on your own complete a day before moving since you will have no time on the moving day to care about the packing.
    o Due care should be taken while moving furniture products. If any wax or oil is applied it, the wood may get softened and damaged. Do not take any chemicals or inflammable substance to avoid fire accidents.
    o You may come across any unusual situations or unexpected circumstances like parking problem, street accessibility or road access etc. These kind of hectic situations result in increase of moving charges. So consult with the concerned authorities to avoid such problems.
    o Ensure that the moving company is reliable and possess high quality moving techniques. Enquire if any complaints are made on the particular moving company.
    o Inform about your new locality to the post office, bank and other institutes. Make necessary changes in your identity proofs about the new address.

Carefully follow the above steps to avoid any complications on or after moving process.


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4 Responses to “General Moving Tips from Toronto Moving Company”

  1. Movers Toronto Says:

    I agree with all the suggestions being made. Being a mover myself, I find it frustrating when all you see online are negative reviews and remarks towards movers when a lot of us work so hard in order to satisfy our customers. I think if anyone looking for a mover would only create a checklist beforehand and start with the most important item which would be selecting the right mover for their job and then move down the checklist they would be grateful for taking those steps, and maybe we would all stop seeing those negative remarks online.

    Cheers and best of luck

  2. packers and movers in hyderabad Says:

    D.R Packers and Movers’ objective was very clearly defined at the time of it’s formation, i.e., to rank amongst the world’s most admired Move Management specialists, by focusing our attention on customer satisfaction as we believe profit in our business is the reward for creating a satisfied customer.

  3. Coco Nguyen Says:

    Gms movers is a big scam. Got piss-off with this scam company. I found them on!!! They load up all my stuff in the truck and running away if I don’t pay them more 200% the deal price!!!! I called the police and got back my stuff but had to pay more rate !!!!!!!!!! People be ware of them 647-996-4694 or 647-688-6683 or416-818-3750

  4. Raees Says:

    Beware of this guy, he gives you the quote of $500 for 5 hour and $75/hr after that with a 20 feet truck and two movers but in reality they come with a 15 feet Uhual or Penske rented truck with two slow movers, they ask for the cash money upfront with the taxes and load the truck, after dumping the first load all of sudden they change the terms to each load for $350 plus taxes, they then start acting like the stuff is too heavy and addiotnal charges for that, I ended up paying over $2000 for the move with lots of boxes yet to move by myself, find below their details:

    Name – The Toronto Movers
    Owner – Peter (may be a fake name)
    Number – (416) 877-8604

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